Track le Tour - Live Data of the Tour de France

July 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
In July, cycling fans all over the world traditionally spend their time in front of the TV and follow the peloton around France. From now on these TV images are flanked by a very interesting application:

Ubilabs displays live on the Internet where different riders are at the very moment. Both the actual stage and the exact positions of various riders are displayed on interactive maps and satellite images. The positions are shown on the well-known Google Maps.

But this is not where it ends – beside the position of the riders even their actual speed, their pulse beat, their step frequency or their performance is transmitted.

This has been realized through collaborative work by SRM, the inventors of “Powermeter”, and Ubilabs, an agency for localized content (Location Based Media). SRM equips certain riders with a technology that enables them to track the data every second and subsequently send it to a server and integrate it on the Ubilabs platform.

The “Tour-Tracker” could be launched just in time for the beginning of the tour. The actual stage is displayed every day. After the start of each stage all the riders equipped with the SRM technology are shown on the website and can be followed throughout the stage.

And therefor not only passionate cycling fans will experience the Tour de France like never before: with their fingers on an interactive map.

The massive public interest that has been aroused so far is a proof for the success of the collaborative work between SRM and Ubilabs. More and more websites are linked with the tour-tracker-site. With great joy it has been recognised that even active riders refer to it on their websites like the dutch rider Bram Tankink.