Psychologist Sues Catholic Church and Midwest Attorney Generals to Enforce Child Sex Abuse Laws, Asks Court to Equate Abuse with “Emotional Murder”

February 06, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

The Catholic church’s sex abuse scandal takes center stage Wednesday, February 16th at
10:30 before the Chicago federal courtroom of 7th Circuit District Court Senior Judge George
Marovich, when Illinois psychologist Dr. Theophilus Green takes on Chicago’s Cardinal Joseph
Cardinal George and asks the court to remove state and federal statute of limitations on child
sexual abuse. At this hearing, both are expected to be present.
Dr. Green sued Cardinal George and the Washington-based United States Conference of
Catholic Bishops on behalf on his clients, using a rarely used and little understood legal strategy
called jus terii. Simply put, it allows a third party stakeholder to sue on behalf of another, for
himself and the second party, when both are damaged and the latter is unable to sue the first.
As a psychologist, Dr. Green sued Cardinal George, a vice president of USCCB, Vatican
City’s legal representative in America, for not complying with child protection laws that could
have protected his clients from abusers church Mandated Reporters knowingly failed to report.
Dr. Green complains that when Illinois unlawfully placed sanctions on his license, following
compliance with child protection laws, and enforced them with other states, they interfered with
his ability to protect his clients locally and nationally.
Since other states enforced sanctions from an Illinois legal system a former governor
termed “arbitrary, capricious, deeply flawed and racially discriminatory”, and USCCB admitted
sex abuse nationally, Dr. Green claims privilege over every USCCB victim. Dr. Green reminds
the court that Illinois removed 20 of 24 predominately minority men from death row and Chicago
police unlawfully arrested and charged two young black boys for murder, without comment or
censure from the Illinois Attorney General. Illinois has not moved to correct its legal system
rendering due process constitutional protections in state court for his clients impossible.
As a forensic and clinical psychologist, Dr. Green asks the court to review the child abuse
statutes because they unfairly equate child abuse with “assault, — invasive, but not permanent.”
Dr. Green says that if the legal framers had today’s social scientists to consult, they
would have termed it “emotional and psychological murder.” As there is no statute of limitations
on murder, there should be none for child abuse.
The suit also includes the US Dept of Health and Human Services and says qui tam
legislation commands USCCB entities return every Medicaid-Medicare dollar received in the last
52 years. The suit seeks also seeks to remove USCCB entities from all educational and child care
programs nationally and seeks federal registration of all Catholic priests.
Dr. Green says the USCCB web site admits 10 percent of its members were abusers in
1970, and brags that it is only four percent today. Dr. Green points out however, Even “four
percent” is outrageous. It is double digit multiples of sexual abuse rates for similar percentages of
for such a classically well educated groups of professional men. He asks, “Can you imagine how
many abusers there would be if “only four percent” of America’s lawyers were abusers, and four
percent of doctors, bankers, architects, police officers and judges as well? He says “four percent”
his histrionic proportions, equal to “thirty or forty percent” of less well educated populations.
Dr. Green complains that America spent billions on assistance for victims of America’s
enemies in Bosnia, Croatia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Korea. And has given hundred of
millions more to help strangers injured by a Tsunami. “Yet America allows 5,000 known
abusers to circulate freely, with the certain expectation that there will be 5,000 more,” all
threatening his clients and potential clients. His legislation seeks the federal courts to enforce
federal implementation of rehab services that the Catholic church fund similar to those of the GI
Dr. Green’s complaint reminds the court that Cardinal George and USCCB, made public
admissions on advice from legal counsel that their charter prohibited state and federal
jurisdictions from suit on 52 years of admissions. Dr. Green says USCCB is the Vatican’s lawful
agent in this country and has spent no money to rehabilitate victims. Cardinal George admitted
spending nearly $40 million to address priest suits, damages and rehabilitation and nothing on
victim rehab. As a psychologist, Dr. Green seeks damages from the catholic church, local
insurance companies and state officers who ignored the catholic church admissions. His
complaint specifically excludes the special damages of private litigation defendants.
According to Dr. Green, USCCB made admissions that the attorney generals of each state
should have acted on, and the refusal of public officials to act constituted a conspiracy against his
clients and a misprision of their official responsibilities. His suit asks the court to command
each of the attorney generals to enforce the law.
Dr. Green’s suit also seeks to require the federal courts to remove sanctions from his
license, resulting from his compliance with child protection laws, while ignoring far more serious
violations by the church. Wisconsin and Indiana also ignored the church clergy child abuse, but
suspended Dr. Green for an unheard of “sixty years” because of his race; ignoring priests because
of religious affiliation.
This is a federal court case. If Dr. Green, prevails not only would state attorney generals
across the country have to go after the Catholic church in each state, so would U.S. Attorneys.
If Judge Marovich agrees that this complaint should go forward, the first order of the new
Catholic U.S. Attorney General could be to collect federal dollars given the Catholic church and
their employees over the past 52 years. Dr. Green alleges those federal funds, along with church
mandates for adult celibacy and male only USCCB leadership, constituted violations of the 1964
Civil Rights Act
This legislation would conform with class action reforms already before Congress.