2005 Major League Baseball Season Preview - Baseball's Greatest Rivalries

February 07, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
In Legalball.com's latest series leading up to the 2005 Major League Baseball Season, we will introduce baseball's greatest rivalries and help you the sports fan find the cheapest tickets to these games.

By visiting http://legalball.com/MLB_Baseballs_Greatest_Rivalries_2005_Season_Preview_Tickets.html you can read about the greatest team, individual, inter-league and inter-city rivalries in Major League Baseball.

Our series starts with a look at the greatest team rivalries. Of course we are talking about Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers v. San Francisco Giants, and the Chicago Cubs v. St. Louis Cardinals.

In the coming weeks we will look at the greatest individual rivalries including former teammates Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds, cross town rivals Pedro Martinez and "his daddy" the New York Yankees, former World Series Co-MVPs Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson, and two of the former big three aces of the Oakland A's Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson. To read up on any of these great new rivals or to get tickets to see them play make sure to visit: http://legalball.com/MLB_Baseballs_Greatest_Rivalries_2005_Season_Preview_Tickets.html

The Legalball.com series will continue through the baseball preseason and into baseball's regular season. 2005 is sure to bring several great match ups on the baseball diamond. The interleague series will bring us back to the 2004 World Series as the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals will meet at both Fenway Park and Busch Stadium. Furthermore the Chicago Cubs are headed to New York to take on the Yankees and then to Boston to battle the Red Sox. To read up on these great interleague match ups and to find the cheapest tickets to these games, make sure to visit: http://legalball.com/MLB_Baseballs_Greatest_Rivalries_2005_Season_Preview_Tickets.html

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