Market your company effectively using promotional coffee mugs.

July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Its surprising that something as simple as the usual coffee mug can be such a powerful marketing tool. Imprinting your message or logo on the side of something that is used daily is a subtle way to impart a message to prospective clients and those around them.
Promotional coffee mugs can easily be decorated with a marketing message for creating strong and lasting brand recall.

Getting your company's advertising into homes and offices can sometimes be a challenge but not so if you give away something that is useful and free. Your promotional coffee mug can serve as your vehicle to maintain “top of mind” presence in the minds of your clients making yours the first name they call the next time they are in the market for the products or services you carry. Another reason to give away custom mugs is that it is a relatively inexpensive means of advertising. has several mugs available that you can have custom printed at a cost of less than a dollar!

1.Commemorate events such as a product launch, store sale or tradeshow by giving people a promotional mug to remind them of the great time they had to associate positive feelings with dealing with your company. These positive feelings have been known to influence buying behavior by making people seek out your company because of the positive association they have from past experience.

2.As “teasers”. Using promotional mugs to inform people of upcoming promotions by printing event dates and location. This way you ensure strong attendance for your company events because you can imprint a date on people's minds months before!

3.Drive traffic to your store. Believe it or not people will go a long way to get something for free. Adding a simple line to your advertising such as “present this ad to get a free coffee mug”Use the promise of a free coffee mug as an incentive to visit your store. The increase in traffic will bring on an increase in sales not to mention that they are bringing home your advetisement through the promotional coffee mug.

4.Be remembered at tradeshows. People are often overwhelmed at tradeshows by the sheer number of displays they see. Its better if they associate your products with an object they received from you. Your custom coffee mug will remind them who you are, what you sell and how to reach you.

5.Employee rewards – It does look impressive when you walk in to an office and the employees use mugs imprinted with the company logo and name. Makes you feel like you're in a Fortune 500 company. That gives a strong first impression and a great image of you.

Equally important is what you choose to print on your promotional coffee mug.Include your logo, contact details, name and website always. Visit where you can choose a mug and view it with your logo online so you can see how great your company's promotional coffee mug will look!