California man builds next million dollar site with a twist!

July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Eric is an average guy with a plan to sell advertising on his newly launched website in order to pay for his house. What makes this concept unique is that he will also be printing out and placing the advertisements he sells online, inside of the house that he bought about a year ago.

The idea was born after Eric read a news story about a guy who had traded a paper clip for a house, and how a college student made a million dollars selling ad space by the pixel. While struggling to pay the mortgage, and with barley enough money left over to pay for gas, Eric decided to do something about it. He toyed around with many ideas, staying up late into the night to brainstorm ways in which he could pay for a house he could barley afford. Eric knew he wanted to build an advertisement site, but wasn’t sure how to make it unique enough to draw the media and public’s attention. At first he thought about placing advertisements on the outside of his house but then contemplated trouble with the city and his neighbors, what with the added foot traffic and media helicopters buzzing around. Then one day at work, while staring at the grid pattern on the wall in his office, Eric thought “why not the inside of my house?” This turned out to be the turning point of his venture and that night was born. Ads placed inside the house would be safe from weather conditions, graffiti and vandalism and quite literally would be a pop art masterpiece. The house is open to the press for photos and video coverage, and Eric will be available for comment upon request. At this time there won’t be any access for the public to see the actual house, but Eric stated that he would be keeping a photo blog of the ever-growing collage of advertisements that will cover the walls and ceilings of his home. Upon completion of the project, Eric stated he would frame and sell the advertisement with proceeds going to charity.

The project has taken Eric about 3 weeks to build and now he is in the process of marketing the concept to anybody that wants to increase their online sales up to 40%. Since this type of website has already been proven as a sales booster, the price for pixels and square inches inside of his house will be on a 2 pixels to 1 inch conversion. Eric explains that if you buy a 10 x 10 pixel ad in the 2nd bedroom on the home page of his website for $100.00, that you will also get a 5” x 5” printed out ad in the accompanying room in the house. He goes on to say that the website will be running for a period of 5 years of which all paid for ads will be available, and the printed out ads will stay in the house for a few months after the last one sells on the website, or at Eric’s discretion.