July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Adbikes are high-tech quadri-cycles, which carry two back-lit billoards that deliver your client’s message straight to the heart of the market place… Virtually Anywhere… creating a highly-targeted outdoor advertising campaign.

•Closer to the point of sale
•Huge impact and brand exposure
•Local, regional or national campaigns
•Superb for distribution or sampling
•Can operate day or night
•Low cost per thousand impressions
•Enthusiastic and professional riders
•On board refrigeration if required
•A professional and reliable service
•Ability to pinpoint your target markets

Perfect for…
•Standing out from the crowd
•High-profile street retail environments
•Busy pedestrian areas
•Reaching specific audiences
•New store and product launches
•Film premiers and PR opportunities
•Sporting events and concerts
•Conferences or trade shows
•In-store displays

Due to their mobility Adbikes are ideal for promotional and marketing activities, targeting specific audiences with surgical precision in city centers. Whether the client wants product placement, brand awareness, promotional stunts; it can all be done with Adbikes.
Apart from 6-feet posters, Adbikes are equipped with a compartment that can carry other promotional material, such as coupons and flyers. Even the wheels of the Adbikes can be fitted with the client’s logo or brand name to create a complete promotional solution. Adbikes riders are recruited for their enthusiasm and abilities to interact with target audience (if required) and can be dressed in the corporate clothing strengthening a brand’s visibility. The riders can also be dressed according to the client’s wishes and be used for distributing product or promotional leaflets at designated areas.
I truly believe the Adbikes will add pizzazz to your Marketing Promotional efforts and leave a lasting impression with both events clients and their target audience.

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