Independent Verifier & Assessor job advertising partnership announced by FE

August 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Even more NVQ Assessors will be searching for a new job after the announcement that a strategic partnership has been struck between the Independent Verifiers and Assessors (IVA) and FE

The IVA with their association of 4,000+ NVQ Assessors and Verifiers will be working in partnership with FE Careers and FE from August 06. FE Careers will be providing an ongoing recruitment advertising platform for the IVA's NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier members. FE Careers sister news site FE will also be continuing to report on Work Based Learning news through the partnership.

FE is dominating the Work Based Learning and NVQ Assessor job advertising market through their partnerships with the leading industry associations. FE Careers have now announced four partnerships with bodies representing the Work Based Learning industry. FE Careers and FE News also partner with the Association of Learning Providers (ALP), The Association of External Verifiers (AEV) and the Institute of Assessors and Verifiers (IAV) providing job advertising and a constant voice in the news.

Gavin the CEO of FE Careers and FE News comments on the significance of the partnership with the IVA "We are really pleased to be working with the IVA to provide an ongoing source of Internal Verifier and NVQ Assessor job opportunities with FE Careers and an ongoing voice for Work Based Learning on FE News. The IVA and FE Careers is excellent news for both our job seekers and job advertisers. Our job seekers are being made aware of the main associated bodies in work Based Learning and NVQ, enabling a stronger platform to promote the benefits of Apprenticeships and NVQ to Government and industry. The partnership will also be of great benefit to IVA members with a continual stream of relevant and targeted NVQ job vacancies on FE Careers and an ongoing commitment to report on Work Based Learning in FE News. We believe that the IVA partnership will be especially interesting to our ALP job advertising clients, as the IVA partnership is yet another ongoing source of experienced and qualified NVQ Assessors and Verifiers who will be targeted and interested in their job vacancies.”

The FE Careers partnership strategy has proved a powerful method of drawing together job advertisers seeking experienced and qualified candidates within FE. Each month both FE Careers and FE News attract over 1 Million hits, 84,000 visitors and 18,000 unique visitors - all of which are usually highly experienced and qualified traffic.

Gavin goes onto explain the difference FE Careers is making in the FE industry "Many of our job advertisers have found huge benefits in using FE Careers as a job advertising platform. Prior to FE Careers they literally could not get the staff! Many Training Providers could not reach a dedicated pool of Lecturer and NVQ Assessor staff and because of this they had no other choice but to recruit candidates from industry and train them to be NVQ Assessors or Tutors. The main problem that the Training Providers faced was time, it takes at least 6 months for someone from industry to be able to work on their own as an Assessor. Trainee NVQ Assessor’s must have their learner portfolios counter signed by an experienced Assessor. This affected the learner, the productivity of the organisations team of Assessors and ultimately the organisations Government contracts, so recruiting the right staff is a very big issue. Prior to the launch of FE Careers, there were no dedicated NVQ and Work Based Learning job advertising services. Now we have offered a choice to NVQ recruitment agencies, Training Providers, FE College job advertisers.”

Lets see what new partnerships are on horizon for FE Careers.