Trendy stylistically innovated teaching by Eves Beauty School Hair Academy Delhi India

February 15, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Education and learning with Eves hair academy, beauty school and institute for skills of beauty therapy, hairdressing, cosmetology, aromatherapy, holistic treatments, professional makeup, personal grooming, fusion therapy, mehndi design, mehendi tattooing, bridal makeup, nail art and salon management is not only fun filled but full of new, trendy and stylistically innovative teaching methods.

As all of us are aware that beauty, skin, hair and fashion related industries are closely associated to the glamour world, be it Bollywood or Hollywood.

It is well known that fashion trends do repeat themselves and sometimes achieve the full circle. For instance the year 1940, 1950 and 1960 looks, hairstyles and hairdos are in vogue even today. Thus to provide our students the hands on experience with the visual concept we recently visited a " Bollywood Stars Posters Exhibition " held at Delhi, India. Students were overwhelmed to notice that the posters could teach them all the aspects in regards to hair cut, hairstyles, hair decor, makeup, jewelry, clothes, fashion trends of that era.

Some of the vital observations made were:
Manorama - bob layering hair cut.
Sadhna - bangs on the forehead and flips at the back of the head popularly known as the " Sadhna Cut " or formally known as the S shaped haircut.
Asha Parikh - High puff with braids.
Waheeda Rehman - High buns with flicks.
Tanuja - French rolls.
Dilip Kumar - Mughal-e-Azam side burns.

Long straight hair with fringes, classic bobs, graduated bobs, isodora hairstyle, focal attention by flowers were also the highlights where hair was concerned.

Makeup observations revealed that pale skin foundation was used, eyes were heavily defined with black liner and mascara, eyebrows were thick, false eye lashes were used, lips were pale and cheek bones were shaded using blush on.

Costume jewelry, big pins in shape of spirals and stars ; molded plastic, vinyl and acrylic, stones wrapped in curtain ropes ; pearl beads colored in lemon, yellow, green, gray and coffee enameled shells ; multicolored bracelets ; marble plastic bangles and ethnic inspired jewelry were used extensively.

Acrylic and polyester fabrics, unisex clothes, velvet jackets, floral skirts and fringe waistcoats, school girl looks, hippy looks, Indian kaftans dresses, hats and slacks / tights ; mini skirt or dress, tight sweaters, brightly colored tights, see through (using net) blouses and dresses were the highlights when it came to garments.

Education with us leads to overall development, growth and transformation.

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