February 24, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

Its a wonderful pocket watch…..a really nice set of tuxedo stud sets….
but as soon as there are initials on it………..it takes on a whole new world of importance.
Suddenly it is personal………..and it becomes a gift or a personal choice that
is not discarded the next year or two. It becomes a lifetime possession.
An item that might have ended up at the bottom of the drawer or gotten thrown
in jumbled box of items at a garage sale, once personalized, is now highly valued.

Suddenly it will be a keepsake for a grandchild after you are gone.

I have cuff links, which I wear, that were my Dad's. I also have watches which belonged to by Dad and to my Grandfather—- both
have their initials. These mean the world to me and I will pass these on to my sons. I also have many items with my own initials.
Many of these have been gifts from special people and from special times.

Most engraved items have room for three initials……..with the last name initial the most prominent
in the middle. Some will have room for a full name (up to 12 letters) in block or script…….some will
have room for a date or year……….which really bumps up the importance of a particular item.

Gold plate and Sterling Silver gifts of this nature make wonderful and treasured gifts for Graduation,
Bar Mitzvah, wedding……….and wedding party………..and for someone special. Tuxedo Stud Sets, Blazer Buttons,
money clips, letter openers, belt buckles (both casual and dressy), as well as pocket watches, wrist watches, luggage tags
and pocket knives. There are some nice desk and bar items and even some permanent plates that can be
personalized for luggage. These items do not need to be Gold to be considered important……..the metal really is secondary.
These were chosen for you…….with your initials or name……….that's what is important.

Dennis Dann has been a Men's Retailer for over 35 years with D.Dann's Men's and Ladies Clothing. He currently ships Men's Clothing and Accessories worldwide
via his website at www.Dann-Online.com