New Fantasy Football Site Announced

August 08, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Fantasy Blitz ( is a new brand of fantasy football with innovative rules and strategy. Unlike most leagues where your fantasy football fate is largely determined by the pre-season draft, the draft is completely eliminated at Fantasy Blitz.

Every team picks a new lineup each week so you are never stuck with the same players. After you choose a player once, you cannot choose him again.

The top half of the league moves onto the playoffs where all scores are reset. The key is to slide into the playoffs with as many star players available as possible.

There are several benefits to playing fantasy football at Fantasy Blitz:

- You are not locked into a set roster after the pre-season draft. The fun builds each week just like in the NFL.
- No random draft spots and no random schedule bias.
- Unpredictable injuries won't spoil your season.
- You can apply your football knowledge each and every week. Itís a new brand of fantasy football that is perfectly suited for the most knowledgeable fans.
- You make your most important decisions during the season, not during the pre-season.
- The luck factor is drastically diminished since every team chooses from the same pool of players.