1888OnlineColleges.com is the comprehensive website for distance learning, one can earn a degree in any field.

August 09, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Miami, Fl, Autgust 9th, 2006 —-1888OnlineColleges.com is a comprehensive directory of online colleges and universities. Featuring the top schools and colleges that offer online degrees, the site enables students young and old to further their education and careers.

The aim is to ensure that anyone who wants to learn can get a quality education and degree from the comfort of their homes and offices. At 1888OnlineColleges.com one can use the search engine to locate a college by state, level, subject, or career choice. Now furthering your education does not mean you have to stop working. While working, bringing up kids, or farming you can earn a degree from the top online colleges. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Chris Young of 1888OnlineColleges.com explains, “The concept of the site is to bring education closer to the people. Now learning is not restricted to the few who can study full time at a university campus. 1888OnlineCollges.com hopes to bring education to the doorstep of people all over the world.”

The site is comprehensive and provides links to accredited universities and colleges. Students can enroll for any degree from certifications and diplomas to a doctorate.1888OnlineColleges.com promotes learning among young people and adults. Even senior citizens are encouraged to study a course of their choice. Learning has no limits and anyone can earn an online degree.

In the fast paced world of today it is education that can further your career and life. 1888OnlineColleges.com plays a major role in helping you attain your career goals big and small. The site is not just a directory of colleges and universities, it is something more. There are articles written by authorities in education as guides covering the advantages of an online education, how to select a course or college, how to arrange for finances and education loans, about scholarships, and the benefits of courses that will keep you abreast of globalization and technological advancements.

Let 1888OnlineColleges.com help you help yourself.

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