‘Virtual’ Solutions for Back-to-School; Eliminating Homework Headaches

August 09, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Grand Blanc, MI — Back-to-school means the return of homework hassles and headaches for thousands of families. State-mandated curriculums do not leave any time for students to learn how to study, yet leave them feeling very overwhelmed. A new website, however, is offering free resources to help families manage the ever-increasing demands of school work; www.soarstudyskills.com features a free Homework Rx® Toolkit with scorecards, inventories, tip-sheets, and newsletters to help students and families manage homework more efficiently. Articles and charts for homework management are also available to download.

“95% of the problems that my students have in school have nothing to do with their level of intelligence,” said Jessica Miller, a Spanish teacher in Rochester, MI. “They simply do not know how to get organized, get their homework done, and study efficiently.” Susan Kruger, founder of SOAR® Study Skills, is working to change that. With a new website, a new book featuring her easy system for managing homework, and her virtual Homework Action Groups, Kruger is using her experience as a struggling student to help others students and families who are experiencing similar problems.

“There are simple strategies for getting organized and studying efficiently,” says Kruger. The free resources on her website help students (and their parents) identify specific homework problems, understand why the problems happen in the first place, and provide specific tips to solve them. “All it takes is for one strategy to help a student save time or earn better grades. Then, they realize that they really can learn how to learn more efficiently and they become motivated to learn more!”

After years of struggling in school, Susan Kruger, M.Ed. is now a certified teacher and learning-specialist who has taught her SOAR® Study Skills system to hundreds of students since 1996. Susan travels the country training teachers in literacy and study skills.

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