Hypnotherapy comes to the Holiday Inn Oxford

August 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
The Holiday Inn will be offering group hypnotherapy sessions for guests, Spirit club health club members, and the general public.
Martin comments “we are always thinking of ideas to provide exceptional value for our customers. We have excellent facilities at our Spirit Health Club, and it seems logical to expand our range of services for the more health conscious.
We can comfortably facilitate group sessions.”
Sam Weller comments “This will make hypnotherapy more assessable to the people of Oxford as well as Holiday Inn customers and Sprit Club members. Group sessions are becoming more and more popular. We will be offering monthly sessions for stop smoking, weight loss, and relaxation so people can come as many times as they feel the need. Friends and family can come together.
Plus we can operate on economies of scale and offer discounted rates for sessions, which means sessions at rates considerably less than you will find elsewhere in Oxford.
An open day is planned for 12th September. Weekly sessions are planned thereafter on Tuesday evenings starting with smoking, then weight loss, and then relaxation.
Sam Weller will be conducting the sessions. Sam is an experienced hypnotherapist and has been practising since 1989.Sam holds a senior qualification in hypnotherapy practise. He is also a hypnotherapy tutor and supervisor, as well as offering internet based hypnotherapy services.

Editor notes
For further details please contact Martin Hird on 0870 400 9086 or
Sam Weller 01608 645445