Stock the Ultimate Survival Kit—Your Brain—Before Heading into the Out-of-Doors

August 12, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
No need to dig through paragraph after paragraph of yap in articles and books to find the pithy, usable tips on staying out of trouble in the wilds—or dealing with the unexpected. Head for for the good stuff: tight, focused bites information from folks who know of what they speak. These pages were designed from the beginning to provide focused, bite-sized chunks of usable information collected from a variety of outdoor survival experts—info and tips on direction-finding, signaling, fire building, avoiding trouble, and much more. As a supplement to all that great advice, you'll find resources and information trailheads that lead deeper into each subject, making the Outdoor Survival pages at the perfect outdoor survival information destination.

What kind of tips? How about tactics for direction finding with an analog watch or a shadow stick. Or how to build shelters and fires. How to signal for help with fires, noise, and ground signs. Advice on assembling a survival kit, complete with lists of critical items. Tips and insights on understanding the ways one can get into trouble in the outdoors and avoiding those mistakes with preplanning and other staying out-of-trouble tactics. Where and how to find water. Topographic map reading and use. Avoiding hypothermia and dehydration. Even tips specific to desert survival and off-road driving preparedness. These are, of course, just a small sampling of the collected survival tips and topics on

Stacked to the right of each selection of tips is a column of resource links—links that serve up articles on topo map use, dangerous outdoor critters, fire building and firestarter recipes, downloadable PDF checklists for assembling survival and first aid kits, a comprehensive list of books and guides on survival and outdoor skills, first aid and more. Also useful resources like outdoor magazines, websites and newsletters are collected in the resources column as well.

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