123explore! Adds Baseball Research Guide

August 17, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Santa Barbara, CA — Enlexica, Inc. today announced the release of 123explore! Baseball (at www.123exp-baseball.com), a unique research site that offers a simple guided approach.

123explore! Baseball includes a database of over 21,000 baseball topics including players, teams, and baseball terms. For each topic there is a definition or description along with links sorted into information categories. For example, the topic “baseball cards" shows links sorted into categories like Encyclopedia, History, Directories, Price Guides, and Forums.

The site is unique in its ability to help users quickly find what they are looking for. For an entry with more than one meaning, the program displays information for the most popular meaning along with a list of alternate meanings. By selecting a different meaning, a user can retrieve the required information without having to provide additional search terms.

“We recognized the frustration many people face when using research sites. 123explore! replaces the usual ‘trial and error’ method with a simple guided approach," according to Roy Kuklinsky, President of Enlexica. "By choosing the meaning of a term and the type of information required, the research process can be more rewarding."

As with other 123explore! research guides, most baseball topics include related topics that provide a means of further exploration. There are also options for linking to search engines for news, blogs, pictures, or books.

123explore! Baseball is not a substitute for text-based search engines that offer millions of results. Instead, it provides a limited number of high-quality user-edited links for each topic. Researchers save time by avoiding redundant sites, spam pages or paid listings.

123explore! Baseball also encourages users to add their own knowledge to the database. They can suggest new links, edit existing links or add new topics. New links appear instantly and are later reviewed by staff members. However some edits, like deleting a web site or changing a description, are first reviewed.

Enlexica, Inc. is a California Corporation located in Santa Barbara, California. The company was founded in 2000 for the purpose of developing dictionary/thesaurus software. For further information, please contact the company at (805) 962-1499 (www.123explore.com).