Traveling to India and Struggling to Find an Accommodation?

August 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News is the new kid on the block when it comes to on-line Hotel booking. But some of its offerings are unique. It offers a range of features that make it time-efficient when it comes to finding and booking hotels in over 200 cities in India.

Though still in a beta stage, Inasra has a lot to offer to the harried traveller and the wannabe explorer alike.

* Easy to use search lets you find hotels that match your needs, be it the budget, service or food that is your deciding criteria.

* Covering nearly 1000 hotels in over 200 Indian cities ,it can truthfully boast to being in the big league.

* Travelling on a shoe-string budget? No problem. Hop over to to find yourself a good deal with some rooms starting at $5.

* With its Minimum-Advance-Book concept you pay a minimum advance during the booking to confirm it.

Like other hotel booking portals , Inasra's aim is to make your travel easier. But unlike most, Inasra might just succeed in its stated goal.

Inasra has tied up with hotels where Internet is unheard of. But with its efficient back-end systems, you need not worry about booking those hotels on the site. You can just click and select your choice, the rest of the booking is taken care of by Inasra.

[b]Tourism in India[/b]

[b]Tourist Attractions[/b]

India is a country known for its lavish treatment to all visitors, no matter where they come from. Its visitor-friendly traditions, varied life styles and cultural heritage and colourful fairs and festivals held abiding attractions for the tourists. The other attractions include beautiful beaches, forests and wild life and landscapes for eco-tourism, snow, river and mountain peaks for adventure tourism, technological parks and science museums for science tourism; centres of pilgrimage for spiritual tourism; heritage trains and hotels for heritage tourism. Yoga, ayurveda and natural health resorts also attract tourists.

The Indian handicrafts particularly, jewellery, carpets, leather goods, ivory and brass work are the main shopping items of foreign tourists. The estimates available through surveys indicate that nearly forty per cent of the tourist expenditure on shopping is spent on such items.


The major constraint in the expansion of international tourist traffic to India is non-availability of adequate infrastructure including adequate air seat capacity, accessibility to tourist destinations, accommodation and trained manpower in sufficient number.

Poor visitor experience, particularly, due to inadequate infrastructural facilities, poor hygienic conditions and incidents of touting and harassment of tourists in some places are factors that contribute to poor visitor experience.

To sum up, Indian tourism has vast potential for generating employment and earning large sums of foreign exchange besides giving a fillip to the country’s overall economic and social development. Much has been achieved by way of increasing air seat capacity, increasing trains and railway connectivity to important tourist destinations, four-laning of roads connecting important tourist centres and increasing availability of accommodation by adding heritage hotels to the hotel industry and encouraging paying guest accommodation. But much more remains to be done. Since tourism is a multi-dimensional activity, and basically a service industry, it would be necessary that all wings of the Central and State governments, private sector and voluntary organisations become active partners in the endeavour to attain sustainable growth in tourism if India is to become a world player in the tourist industry.

As Inasra is in its beta, feedbacks are appreciated.

Indian Hotels looking out to partner are also welcome.

More information is available at Inasra - Accommodation in India.