New created to promote naturism in the French resort

August 16, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Tourism numbers have drastically increased in recent years, n naturism resorts worldwide, so much so that naturism is now the fastest growing sector n the tourism industry. As people are working harder and more hours, but at the same time, travelling further a field and looking for newer experiences, tourism seems to have found its footing.

The largest naturism resort worldwide is the naturist quarters at Le Cap D'agde in the South of France, just a few miles from Montpelier. Otherwise a quiet fishing town, Agde boasts an enclosed naturists village, which at its peak, attracts up to 40,000 residents walking around in the buff, at one time. The naturist centre has its own large campsite, hotel, restaurants, bars, garage, launderette, shops, post office and any more facilities. Clothes are not required and it is preferred that you choose to walk around as nature intended.

A new website has now been launched to give detailed information regarding Cap D'agde's naturism centre. Information including how to get there, FAQs, campsite details, nightlife and many other pages offer invaluable information for anyone looking to visit this resort. Everyone looking to visit the resort should find some information that is of interest: The site is

If you haven't considered visiting a naturism resort, you might be pleasantly surprised. People of all shapes and sizes and people from various countries tend to visit the resort. “I felt a bit strange the few hours, but it is amazing how quickly you get used to walking around the beach and then going to the shops without a stitch on you. I particularly love the campsite and the atmosphere” reports Lisa Anthony; whilst Paul and Emma Silvers felt that “ is relaxing and great not to have to worry about clothes. No laundry and we can travel light!”.

One particularly factor which attracts many people to visit naturism resorts more than once, once they have tried, is the fact that naturists seem not to worry about how they look in terms of body shape. The shame or worry of ones body seems to be lost when in naturism resort, contrary to what people may at first imagine. Naturists tend to be one of the most relaxed groups of tourists so why not give it a go yourself?