Alternative Internet Law School Teaches The Truth About The U.S. Supreme Court. The Federal Government Has Operated 216 Years Without The Third Branch.

August 18, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Torrance, California According to Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera, America cannot reclaim its place as the Land of the Free until it returns to Constitutional government. Dr. Rivera has discovered why the federal courts are at odds with the Constitution. He has succeeded where all other investigators have failed and he has created a school to teach his methods.

To regain its place as leader of free People, the U.S. Supreme Court must be exposed for what it is, a non-judicial court. The need for practical and accurate legal education is evident, but cannot be supplied by traditional law schools. These outdated institutions have trained most attorneys and judges and their failure is obvious by the low esteem accorded these professions by the American public. Ed Rivera Internet Law School is poised to fill the void caused by incompetent legal education and research.

Ed Rivera Internet Law School is the unquestioned leader in this new educational field. It is looking for students, business partners and investors in the business community who recognize a truly ground floor opportunity. Dr. Rivera’s research creates a level playing field for those businesses looking for, heretofore, unimagined world markets. Those who read on will have their world turned upside down, but that is just opportunity knocking in a very big way. Don’t fail to act on the most significant business discovery of our age.

In research done on the inferior federal courts, prior to his discovery that the U.S. Supreme Court is not a judicial court, Dr. Rivera established that the federal trial courts in the States of the United States are limited to federal territory. As he prepared his research for publication, the astounding revelation came to him that the U.S. Supreme Court is not a judicial court. The foregoing statement can be proven using any copy of the Constitution and this explanation of just one paragraph of that Constitution:

The Constitution, in Article III created “one supreme Court,” but left to Congress the determination of the number of Judges of the supreme Court and the creation of any other inferior Article III courts. Instead of completing the Constitution’s supreme Court under Article III, by fixing the number of Judges, Congress created an inferior Article IV U.S. Supreme Court with Justices substituted for Judges, who serve without life tenure and with compensation that can be “diminished during their Continuance in Office.”

Congress has never enacted any law establishing that Offices held by the Chief Justice and Associate Justices shall be held during good Behaviour, because it wanted to further the false belief that it had created a constitutional supreme Court. Congress has condoned and fostered the assumption, since 1789 that Justices were the same as Judges of the Constitution, but such an assumption would violate the Constitution, so the U.S. Supreme Court must be and has always been treated by Congress as a court inferior to the supreme Court in Article III of the Constitution.

Congress has made no law protecting the compensation of Justices, again to foster the false presumption that Article IV Justices were the same as Article III Judges. Constitutional Judges cannot be subject to a federal income tax, but Article IV judges and Justices have always been subject to federal income taxation.

The Justices created by Congress cannot be equated to the Constitution’s Judges of the supreme Court without violating Article V of the Constitution, the amending article. It is a widely accepted principle of constitutional law that a legislature such as Congress cannot amend the Constitution by defining a term used in the Constitution.

Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and the judges of the inferior federal courts take an oath of office that does not meet the command of Article VI of the Constitution. As all federal courts created by Congress must be inferior to the Constitution’s one supreme Court and the present Article IV Supreme Court of the United States, all the federal district trial courts must also be non-judicial courts. The Justices and judges of the federal courts, therefore, cannot hold “any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

To convince skeptics, Rivera and Chris Hansen, his writing partner, have produced the definitive CD book on the federal courts. What Happened to Justice? Why You Can't Get Justice in Federal Courts and What to Do About It, a massive book of nearly 6,000 pages, available at,, leaves no doubt that the Supreme Court is without judicial power

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