Holiday Group Announces New Timeshare Beach Resort Web Page

August 18, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
SEATTLE—What better time to hit the beaches than just after the kids have left to hit their books? The lack of crowds isn't the only benefit post-Labor Day vacationers enjoy, however. In timeshare speak, September and October is "swing season," which translates into additional savings for timeshare owners.

"Weeks immediately following Labor Day are highly sought-after by empty-nesters whose vacations aren't restrained by a school calendar," says Alan Renberger, C.O.O. of Holiday Group, one of the nation's premier timeshare resale companies. "And these weeks are often priced lower by timeshare resorts trying to capture additional business after the traditional end of the season."

For beach-goers, the end of the season means fewer people, less traffic, and a more relaxed pace. "September is the time to vacation at the Cape," notes Charles Miles, a retiree and year-round resident of West Harwich on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. "The pace is slower, the water is at its warmest, and everyone is friendlier. There's more charm—it's what vacationing at the Cape used to be years ago."

Of course, the same can be said of most popular vacation destinations immediately following the busy summer months. And just in time for this year's swing season, the Holiday Group is announcing a new Web page designed to appeal to the timeshare beach resort market. For more information, contact Marketing Director Geoff Klein at 800-597-9345 (email:, or visit Holiday's new Beach Resorts page at