GOT A COMBLOC WEAPONS QUESTION YOU CAN’T GET ANSWERED ANYWHERE ELSE? Redesigned site provides pros & do-it-yourselfers with the perfect resource for restoring ComBloc weapons

August 19, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Longs, SC — Before you get elbow deep in restoring that SVD Dragunov rifle or your rare ’74 automatic, with the poor finish and the misaligned scope mounting rail, run all your questions past an actual weapons expert working at the Izhevsk factory where your rifle was originally designed if not produced. Whether you are doing a quick polish or restoring/refurbishing the whole rifle, Kalinka Optics has just unveiled a new redesign of its website with several new features including an ‘Ask a Genuine Russian Gunsmith’ section which is maintained by weapons designers located at Russia’s largest weapons factory in Izhevsk, Russia.

Despite the time and cost to translate your average American weapons’ enthusiast’s questions into Russian and the answer into English for posting on the site, Kalinka Optics has unveiled several new information functions on its completely redesigned site to assist amateur and professional gunsmiths with restoring, changing or repairing their Russian-produced or designed weapons. In addition to providing necessary information for gunsmithing, the resource is an excellent place to clarify obscure questions concerning the use, design or history of your ComBloc weapon. The Izhevsk Weapons Factory maintains an extensive archive and museum covering the entire Russian and Soviet arms industry since the factory’s opening in 1758.

According to Kalinka Optics General Manager Andrew Kozlov, "This is our first site redesign in five years. While a redesign was well overdue, we didn’t want to just make cosmetic changes. Rather we spent nearly a year installing a new back-end technological solution to upgrade our customer interaction capabilities and then came up with a radical visual redesign. However the key, and the point most likely to elate our customers is the many new functions we have added to the site like ‘Ask a Genuine Russian Gunsmith’. By providing our customers answers directly from Russian specialists and collimating these answers into an online information database, enthusiasts will have a much easier time getting nuts-and-bolts knowledge as needed for repairing/refurbishing their weapons. Of course the fun new stuff like the polls’ section, etc has also been very warmly received, but the feedback on the Gunsmith section has been phenomenal."

Kalinka Optics Warehouse is the largest exporter of Russian and Belorussian optics to Western civilian markets and the world’s largest online retailer of these optics. Since 2001, Kalinka Optics Warehouse has exported optics and accessories from every major Russian and Belorussian optics plant providing ComBloc weapons enthusiasts with a selection of the most difficult-to-find original production mounting and optics solutions.