Start a Fascinating China Travel; The Chinese Valentine’s Day Unfolds a Touching and Romantic Love Story.

August 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
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In Folk China issue 2, we will start a fascinating travel to Southern Fujian. The Double-Seventh Day (Chinese Valentine’s Day) unfolds a touching and romantic love story between the Herd-boy and the Weaving-girl. Hui’an ladies’ clothing in Quanzhou embodies a special and harmonious combination of traditional and modern design. Besides, the unfading puppet shows, the simple and unaffected chest-beating dance record the ups and downs happening in Southern Fujian. There you can also observe the unique ways of local people to celebrate Dragon Boat festival: holding the thrilling duck-catching contest, having the Water-splashing Festival at sea, etc.
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[special topic
…the double seventh day: the chinese valentine’s day
…on-the-sea water-splashing festival
[folk arts
…playing the puppet with dexterous hands
…the straightforward and unrestrained chest-slapping dance
…woven-paper painting
…shadow carving
…mainstream sculpture
…cotton picture
…tetrapanax papyriferus picture
…dehua porcelain
…puppet head
[gods & beliefs
…master qingshui, a layman god in buddhism
…guangze zunwang, a god that protects the country and pacifies the people
[marriage customs
…the wedding not without the pig’s feet and red threads
…the hui’an women’s clothing
…xunpu women’s head ornaments
[food & drink
…the tea love and chanoyo of people in south fujian
…delicious snacks in south fujian
[residential culture
…the red-brick and tile-covered houses among green trees
…the ancient residences of the cais
…stone-structure folk dwelling

…the ming-and-qing ancient streets in zhangzhou
[interesting folk customs
…the thrilling duck-catching contest

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