Taking on the Public School System

August 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
White Pine, TN – Taking leads from the likes of John Taylor Gatto, Dr. Bruce Shortt, and Joel Turtel, Gena Suarez, Publisher of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and homeschooling mother of four, is daily blogging stories of the horrors and inadequacies of the public school system. She and her husband, Paul, feel strongly that it's time for Christian parents to wake up and see what the public school system is doing to generations of children.

Studies like the 2002 Southern Baptist Church's Council On Family Life, report that roughly 88% of Christian kids from Christian homes are leaving the church shortly after graduating from high school. Gena and many others believe that having the kids in the public school system is the main cause. It matters little, according to the above study, whether the kids are in public, private or even Christian private schools – the results are the same, which leads more and more people to see that the common thread is the "away from home" factor.

Coupling those statistics with the anti-Christian atmosphere in today's public schools and news of student and teacher misconduct, Gena paints a picture of the public school system that is hard to ignore. While her posts may anger some people, more often they remind homeschooling parents of the joy of having their own children “Home Where They Belong”. Gena says, “Parents: Keep them home where they belong; they're yours, gifts from God, and He will hold you responsible for your choices. Say no to preschool, say no to public school altogether. Say the biggest no to high school - don't "undo" what you've worked so hard for all these years. It's a lie that "they're ready now for the world" once they hit ninth grade. Most will abandon their faith in the end, no matter how convinced you are that "no, they'd never do that." Most will adopt a socialistic or liberal-minded philosophy to one degree or another. Many will be bullied or preemptively become bullies. Don't make the biggest mistake of their homeschooling years. Don't do it. Keep them home - finish the race that God called you to. Preserve their intellect, their confidence, their hearts. The Old Schoolhouse is here to support you.”

You can read Gena's Home Where They Belong blog at www.HomeschoolBlogger.com/TOSPublisher or find out more about why more and more families are choosing homeschooling at www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com.

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