New Online Marketing Tool Personalizes Website Sales Letters With Handwritten Notes – Boosts Profits Quickly

August 25, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
St. Augustine, FL, August 25, 2006 – Internet marketers can finally personalize their online sales letters the same way marketing professionals have done for years with traditional mail. Jack Born, a software developer for internet marketers, recently launched Personalized Web Copy to make it quick and easy for online marketers to personalize website sales letters with simulated handwritten notes addressed to the reader by name, creating the illusion that the marketing message is extremely personalized.

Online marketing experts have known for years that personalizing a direct marketing letter increases response dramatically. Online marketing experts have seen similar results by personalizing their email messages.

But until now, personalizing online sales letters has been only a dream for internet marketers looking for big jumps in sales conversions and profits.

The web site ( has a live demo where you enter your name and e-mail address and the home page of the web site becomes filled with handwritten messages and has your name in place of “potential client”. If you use this demo you will receive an e-mail with a video showing you how you can use the technology for your own purposes to increase sales.

When asked what makes Personalized Web Copy different than other marketing tools available online, creator Jack Born replied, “No other tool makes it possible to create the effect of personalized handwritten notes addressed to the reader by name. Plus, my service requires nothing to download. My clients just log into a simple to use admin panel and in ten minutes or less their generic online sales letters are personalized. It’s that easy.”

Personalized Web Copy has an affiliate program with lots of promotional tools and resources to help joint venture partners promote this unique product to the internet marketing niche.

“The personalization works great.” said Christoph Mogwitz. “The clicks on the links in my autoreponder emails are very high, because of the name tag in the link!”

You can visit the web site and purchase the product at