Backup to School

August 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
SAN DIEGO — August 26, 2006 – Homework has been the bane of students since schools were invented. Computers are now the most popular excuse for missed or late assignments. In the digital age, ‘My dog ate my homework’ has now been replaced with:

· My printer ran out of ink
· My hard drive crashed
· I accidentally stepped on my thumb drive

There are a variety of solutions that enable students to easily save their term papers, MP3 files, photos, files from school or the office, and all other types of digital data. Options include USB flash drives, external hard drives and CD/DVD disks.

Services like Apple’s .Mac, AOL’s Xdrive, and Streamload’s MediaMax specialize in storing personal content and providing access to digital content online via the Internet. Since the data is not stored on a single computer, it cannot be lost, destroyed, or otherwise adversely affected as it can with an external storage device.

For students that need remote file storage for all of their digital info – from homework, music, and photos, to videos –- MediaMax, powered by Streamload, is now offering free 25 GB of online storage, free file synchronization and backup, and anytime, anywhere access to their files. Subscribers can also send and move large files like videos, PowerPoint presentations, and graphics to any Internet-connected device without having to purchase additional storage devices. The good news is that protecting and accessing their files is easier than ever because the service is free and the software is automated. The bad news is that typical digital age excuses for missing a homework assignment now carry less weight.

“As someone who has had his hard drive fried, I know how devastating, and expensive, data recovery is. I lost more than four years of digital images, music, and important work,” said Robert Torres, a MediaMax user. “Online backup and storage gives me piece of mind in knowing that all of my data is safe, secure, and off-site. If my place ever burned down, or another catastrophic event happened, my precious data, favorite vacation photos, and other irreplaceable content would be protected.”

Here are some additional reasons why any computer user, and especially homework-averse students, should opt for online backup and storage:

1. It’s easy to upload files. The right storage provider lets users drag and drop files to an online file manager, a simple and elegant way to move data. The original files can be deleted off of the computer, freeing up valuable hard drive space.
2. Online storage providers now offer enough space to make storing and accessing not only homework but also music, photos and videos practical and, in many cases, free.
3. Files stored online can be downloaded anywhere in the world to any device that has a web browser or an Internet connection.
4. Because physical media can be scratched, erased, or destroyed, storing files online is safer than storing data on external hard drives, media servers, CDs, or USB drives.

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