Pre-Pasted Disposable Toothbrushes Solve Toothy Airplane Travel Dilemma

August 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Need to brush your teeth in-flight? The recent airline restrictions and regulations may forbid toothpaste, but that doesn't mean that you need to suffer with dirty teeth on a long haul.

The solution is to bring a pre-pasted toothbrush aboard — but this product is not readily available in most local stores. One website, however, has plenty of them in stock. carries several types of pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes. This unique product features toothpaste powder bonded to the toothbrush bristles. Just wet the toothbrush with water (or your own saliva) to activate the toothpaste. The toothpaste powder lasts for one brushing. These toothbrushes fully comply with the new airline regulations.

Pre-pasted toothbrushes start at 65 cents each for a basic model , or $1.10 for the premium ADA-approved Readybrush, which can be saved and used as a regular toothbrush after the powdered toothpaste is finished.

Do you or your children have braces? The Ortho Readybrush, which is "v-cut" in the middle, cleans braces quickly and easily.

The powdered toothpaste in these brushes has a fresh minty taste. They are higher quality and taste better than the brushes you may have purchased previously in overseas vending machines.

You can save money by buying the toothbrushes in bulk. The Readybrush, for example is priced at 30 for $27.00.

If you wear a nightguard, have Invisalign-type aligners, or wear retainers, also carries handy Retainer Brite tablets to help keep these appliances clean without brushing. Just drop a tablet into some warm water, place your appliance in the effervescent solution, and wait 5 minutes. Your appliance emerges clean and minty fresh. Retainer Brite is gentler than denture tablets and is specifically formulated for retainers and aligners. wants to also remind you never to drink or brush with the water that comes out of the airplane bathroom faucet. Always get a cup of fresh water from your flight attendant for brushing, rinsing, or using Retainer Brite tablets. carries a wide array of specialty dental supplies, focusing on products for people with braces. ships its products world-wide and has thousands of satisfied customers in over 27 countries. Free Priority Mail shipping is available for all domestic US orders over $59.