New Software Helps Students Take Better Notes in School

August 31, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Sandpoint, ID Students returning to campus this fall are bringing pens, paper, and laptops. A new writing and creativity tool called IdeaWeaver makes the age-old practice of taking notes in class easier than in the past. Using IdeaWeaver, students can quickly enter ideas and key concepts during a lecture and then later go back and develop their notes by associating and cross referencing them using topics and categories. When reviewing their notes in IdeaWeaver, students also can easily go back and insert their own questions, concepts, or thoughts for further study.

Good students know that taking high-quality notes during lectures is one key to doing well in a class. Notes increase comprehension of a lecture and help students remember information they will need later. Most students entering college today have learned to touch type. And many of them can type far faster than they can write by hand. Although speedwriting systems exist for note taking, most students don't know them. However, they have been taught how to use computers.

With IdeaWeaver, students input their notes and ideas into a database. The ideas can be organized into an outline, which then can be exported into a format readable by most word processors. Students also can reuse their notes and ideas for papers and research projects later. Using IdeaWeaver, students no longer need to spend hours transcribing handwritten notes. The information is already in text format and can be copied and pasted into virtually any other Windows program. Because IdeaWeaver uses standard Windows conventions and keyboard shortcuts, such Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+N to add a new idea, it's easy to learn.

Logical Expressions' President Susan Daffron says, "IdeaWeaver would have been a great tool for me in college. My handwriting is terrible and sometimes even I can't read it! Reviewing my notes before a test or for writing essays was always an exercise in frustration."

IdeaWeaver is also ideal for taking notes from books before class or for writing papers. Students can compile all their background information and research into IdeaWeaver. Once the information is in IdeaWeaver, students can reorganize it and identify key concepts. Using their research, students then can write their paper right from within the program. They add their original ideas for the essay to the outline and export it for formatting in a word processor. The background material remains stored in IdeaWeaver for reference.

Developed using Microsoft's .NET 2.0 framework, IdeaWeaver runs on Windows computers as a stand-alone application. A 30-day trial copy of the software is available for free download at A licensed copy costs $49.95 and discounts are available for volume licensing, students and teachers at accredited educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

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