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September 01, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
(Beijing, China) On August 21,2006, received feedback from an American client Mr.Doyle (authentic name covered as much personal information involved in this news). Mr.Doyle are very happy with's private guide Vanilla (ID code 1799e) who helped his 6-member family during August 14-20 in Beijing.

Mr.Doyle, an executive in a leading US multinational IT company, wrote to as early as March 11, to discuss a trip of his whole family to visit Beijing in the coming August:

"My family and I are planning a trip to Beijing in August and would like to hire a car and guide. We will be in Beijing for 7 days, but would likely only need a guide for 4 or 5 days. Does your service provide car or van service as well?…Traveling in are party are: My mother, my wife, a 7 year old girl, 4 year old boy, 10 month old infant (at time of trip), and me."

It marked the beginning of a 5-month period of extensive communication between Mr.Doyle and, which had materialized his idea into detailed itinerary and budget, picked Vanilla as their best private tour guide after fair competition among 6 nominated candidates.

Obviously it is an important event that a whole family, including aged member and infant, makes international travel. Mr.Doyle has done his best to make the plan, with professional assistance from A few clippings of his concern over security, safety, food, sightseeing and budget etc. are given below:

Clipping No.1:

"We are an active family and this is our first trip to Beijing. I have traveled in China very often for business, but never in Beijing. It will be the first time in China and Asia for the rest of my family. My mother is very active and requires no special assistance.

I would like to know about food options. My family will want to try Chinese, but I suspect that they will later want to seek out Western food where possible. I would also like to know of shows available, such as Peking Opera, martial arts, etc. The more suggestions that your guides can provide, the better we feel our choice can be. We will also need to know time and cost of our options. We will absolutely want to see the Great Wall and Forbidden City!

Please ask the potential guides to begin the homework. I really appreciate your company's assistance on this! How long should I expect it to take to receive a reply? They should feel free to ask me any questions. In fact, the more the better!"

Clipping No.2:

"Those are our intended sites, although we are open to additional suggestions that Vanilla or you may have. We are also interested in seeing the Peking Opera (or another cultural attraction) and eating a traditional duck dinner. We would like Vanilla to suggest a schedule based on this information, with costs specifically included and excluded, and described to the side of the itinerary so we can make decisions. Please also ask Vanilla to qoute (provide cost information) transportation costs. We will need a Van and driver big enough for eight people ((1) Driver, (2) Vanilla, (3) my mother, (4) wife, (5) my son, (6) daughter, (7) my baby and (8) me). If possible, we would like to have these transportation costs broken down by event (again so we can make decisions). For example… Pick-up from airport to Grand Hyatt hotel = ##RMB (or US$##)."

Clipping No.3:

"My family (3 adults, 2 small children and 1 baby) will arrive in Beijing on Monday, August 14, at #:##pm via United Airlines flight ####. I anticipate that we will collect our luggage and pass customs by #:##pm. We will want to be picked up at the airport and transferred to the Grand Hyatt Beijing. We will not require further services that day.

On Tuesday, August 15, we will eat breakfast at our hotel and then go for a tour. At night, we will want to have transportation to go to a Peking Duck dinner.

On Wednesday and Thursday, August 16 & 17, we will want to have suggestions for additional tours and events.

On Friday, August 18, I am considering taking a flight to Xi'ian to see the Terra Cota Warriors. We would need transportation from our hotel to the airport in Bejing, round-trip transportation from the airport to the Warriors in Xi'an, and then transportation from the airport in Beijing back to our hotel. Please also check available flights and costs.

On Saturday, August 19, we will want to shop on our own. Do you think taxis are good enough for this part?

On Sunday, August 20, we will shop on our own. Later, we will need transportation from the Grand Hyatt to the Beijing Airport. We are taking Thai International flight # 615 at 5:50pm."

Clipping No.4:

"During the time between now and the trip, we would greatly appreciate if Vanilla could continue to think of additional points of interest for our family. We are a fairly flexible family and may want to be able to change destinations based on Vanilla's ideas. Here is some additional information about our family that Vanilla may find useful when considering points of interest and restaurants:

My mother: Likes to shop. Likes to see shows, music, dancing, historical and political sites. Most interested in the Great Wall. Like spa treatments. Likes "American-style" Chinese food that may taste more "Western" to Chinese people than authentic Chinese. She also likes Italian, French, and Thai. She does not generally like beef, but will try it. She will not eat the entrails (heart, liver, stomach, intestines) or brain or eyes of any animal. She eats with a fork, but will try chopsticks.

My wife: Loves to shop. Likes adventure. Gets bored of seeing things if she is there too long and will not likely want to see more than 2 examples of essentially the same thing. She also likes to see shows and enjoys spa treatments; however, she is very reluctant to be away from our children. She likes to go to places for our children where they can learn or play. Will not eat beef or anything with the head still on it. Does not like to see the bones of an animal in her food (especially if the bone is broken or cut). She will not eat the entrails (heart, liver, stomach, intestines) or brain or eyes of any animal. She likes to eat at places with very good hygiene (people wearing hats and gloves when cooking). She cannot eat with chopsticks, but may try.

Me: I am fairly flexible on doing things, but I do not enjoy sitting, waiting, or standing in lines - but I will do it where truly necessary. I love adventure, exploring, and seeing very unusual things. I am also very active. If we see shows, I prefer the best seats possible. I will not eat the entrails (heart, liver, stomach, intestines) or brain or eyes of any animal. I can eat almost anything else, but I generally do not eat too much fish. I can eat with chopsticks.

My daughter (7) and son (4): Have never traveled outside of the US, but will be interested in most places as long as we keep moving and it is not too hot. Like most kids, they love to touch things and play, but they are fairly well-behaved. They are very picky about food and will have a very hard time eating most of the food in China. They can eat white rice though. They enjoy Mc Donald's, but I prefer that they do not eat it too often. They cannot eat with chopsticks, but may be interested in trying to learn.

My 9-month baby: Will be crawling only. We must be careful about the heat with him. He can be senstive. He is still breastfeeding most of the time too, so my wife will need to be able to continue this with him (is it considered ok for her to do this in public?) He cannot eat any food in China. We will bring it all for him. I will likely carry him on my back for most places."

To customize service as much as to meet specific favors of all six persons, was both tough challenge and opportunity to show its strength upon Fortunately, Mr.Doyle's favor on over those regular tour operator was proven right, as successfully made Mr.Doyle's every family member happy, crafted a prefect example on customized tour guide service which distinguishes from the crowded regular service. This is why Mr.Doyle remarked in one email message: "I am impressed with the timeliness and detailed nature of the reply. Thanks!"

Vanilla's web page:

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