GoQuo Powers (devoutly and proudly) Gayfriendlyrooms.com

September 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
After intensive and delicate discussions which spanned six months, GoQuo has outdone the competition by clinching the contract of Gayfriendlyrooms.com to power its new site.

Due to the nature of Gayfriendlyrooms.com’s business objective, searching for the right company was a paramount concern for its Managing Partner, David Salvidge. David recalls: “As a company that began with a vision to provide gay friendly hotels directly to the public, it soon became apparent that there was no method of selecting these enlightened hotels from the hotel booking engines that were being marketed by most technology companies. In our search for a company to provide the flexibility to choose which hotels we deal with, we have unfortunately dealt with the bad, the mad and the sad. We have had various options suggested to us over the years, but none have had the complete understanding of what we were trying to do, or the vision to see the potential of this niche market. Many of the companies that we have approached were only interested in selling their product as it stood, and it was up to us to amend our operation to suit them. Several companies promised to design a booking engine that we could select our hotels from, and then never delivered, which we found very dispiriting.”

The moment of truth - that a technology company understood what Gayfriendlyrooms.com wanted, and had the technological backing to prove its claim – came during an encounter with GoQuo in the Travel Technology Show 2006 held at Kensington Olympia. Surprised and impressed with the way GoQuo’s Development Manager Dasun Weerasinghe understood Gayfriendlyrooms.com’s business and objective, David realised that he has found one of the very few companies which could push his current business onto the next level. Furthermore, David was impressed with the professionalism that GoQuo showed in handling the sensitivities connected to a business which is geared towards the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (glbt) market. David reflects: “In our quest, we have encountered companies who were very brusque and insistent that they wanted nothing to do with our company, or indeed, our target market. Fortunately, this was not the case with the people behind GoQuo. And before long, we decided to go with GoQuo as our technology provider.”

Signing with GoQuo is the fulfilment of a quest for Gayfriendlyrooms.com; as David adds: “Although the search has taken several years, we believe that we have found our ‘Holy Grail’. We can now move forward into the future with assurance knowing that we are supported by a company such as GoQuo. All this is down to the vision, professionalism and belief in our ideas provided by the whole GoQuo team. And to this, we proclaim: Eureka!”

About GoQuo:
At the forefront of travel technology, GoQuo is one of the most dynamic and established software solution providers in the UK. Headquartered in London, GoQuo products are used by UK, US and Australian clients in having a more dynamic presence on the online market place, assisting companies in their market expansion and optimising their efficiency through robust and cost-effective technology solutions. For more info please visit www.goquo.com.