Trayvale Upgrades to a Dynamic Packaging Solution with GoQuo!

September 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Trayvale, one of the leading specialists for Group and Independent Travel for South Asia, India, Middle East, Africa and the Far East, upgrades to a dynamic packaging solution with GoQuo.

Sensing that the Trayvale business model has to rely upon a dynamic provider in order to face the challenges posed by the technology development in the travel industry, the Managing Director of Trayvale, Mr Anuj Bahri & Director and founder Mr Anil Bahri, decided to upgrade their online reservation system to the dynamic packaging solution of GoQuo.

With GoQuo’s Dynamic Packaging Solution, the clients of Trayvale can immediately access its full product inventory, such as flights, hotels and car allocations online and create their ideal package from Trayvale’s extensive product inventory. This automation is intended to strengthen Travvale’s hold on its clients, to allow Trayvale to penetrate new markets, to increase the speed of its booking process, to be able to upsell products at the point of search and to halt the threat posed by major online travel agents such as Expedia, Travelocity, Ebookers on its business.

For Anuj Bahri, being ‘online’ is not a matter of want but need as the advancement of technology is threatening the very existence of traditional travel agents. “We used to be considered as a traditional travel agent and we heavily relied on our customers calling us through the phone to inquire about our products, to check prices and eventually, to create and confirm their booking,” Anuj reflects. “However,” he further adds, “this way of operating a travel business in not tenable anymore in the age of technological advancement and integration. Time, accuracy and access to one’s products have become overriding concerns. Whereas we were able to survive on our own niche markets before, the amount of people having access to the internet and thus confirming packages created online have greatly influenced our decision to upgrade to a dynamic packaging solution. We thought, ‘if we do not offer the facility for them to access our content online and then package the trip themselves, then they would go to another company which does.’

Interestingly, this is not the Trayvale’s first attempt to crack the online market. Trayvale was with another provider which provided an online solution that Anuj hoped would meet Trayvale’s requirements. “Although the booking engine provided by our previous technology company was functional, it failed to translate our specifications into the product. The booking process felt constrained, tired and outdated. The results and confirmation pages looked unappealing and oftentimes incomprehensible to the normal person who does not have the adequate background in travel. We have requested this to be changed but unfortunately our provider could not tailor make our product to what we wanted. After seeing GoQuo’s product portfolio, we then realised that with GoQuo, we could get what we needed for our target market; a product which would be functional, easy to use, comprehensible, fast and reliable. We did some preliminary tests on GoQuo’s system and we found that GoQuo’s system far exceeded our requirements and could provide more than our previous provider. It did not take long for us to switch and we are glad that we did.”

About GoQuo:
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