Globul Holidays goes GoQuo

September 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Globul Holidays, a company which specialises on Hotels and Packaged Activities/Holidays in Bulgaria, signs an exclusive contract with GoQuo to provide the start-up company with all of its online booking travel technology requirements.

Although considered as a new market player, Globul Holidays is coming from a strong and unique position as it has already received substantial interest from Bulgarian hotels, resorts and DMCs (destination management companies). The interest shown by these Bulgarian accommodation/activity providers has further been translated into exclusive agreements with Globul Holidays in anticipation of Globul Holidays’ booking engine launch.

Undaunted by the number of sites that sell holidays to Bulgaria, Globul Holidays faces the challenge head-on as it realises that much content which is provided by other providers do not reflect the quality of accommodations and activities that Bulgaria offers. This has been the major impetus for Globul Holidays to seriously launch a new booking site to rival the ones which are powered by established Bulgarian specialists.

Going with GoQuo was a logical choice for Ms Antoaneta Boeva, the Managing Director of Globul Holidays. Ms Boeva comments: “Our company met several companies before GoQuo but unfortunately, we felt that we were not taken seriously because we are newcomers in the market and because we are only targeting a very niche market going to a specific destination.” She further adds: “In contrast, GoQuo’s team was very keen in entertaining our proposal and was eager to suggest ideas to incorporate into our proposed site. They immediately shared our company’s vision and honestly assessed how we can improve the site using their technology. Having seen their client portfolio and after recognising the companies that they work with, we knew that we would be in good hands. It was truly an easy decision.”

Under Roshan Perera Country Manager of GoQuo’s Sri Lankan Division, GoQuo is currently engineering an accommodation loading system through which Globul Holidays can load its own allocation. The bespoke system will allow Globul Holidays to load Boutique, Self-Service, Budget, Camping sites and any other classification of accommodation that Globul Holidays would like to sell. Roshan is also overseeing the development of a Holiday Loading System so that Globul Holidays can load packaged holidays provided to them by DMCs or 3rd party providers. Furthermore, Bedonsline would feature prominently in Globul Holidays’ site as the 3rd party provider of choice to complement Globul Holidays’ product offering.

About GoQuo:
At the forefront of travel technology, GoQuo is one of the most dynamic and established software solution providers in the UK. Headquartered in London, GoQuo products are used by UK, US and Australian clients in having a more dynamic presence on the online market place, assisting companies in their market expansion and optimising their efficiency through robust and cost-effective technology solutions. For more info please visit