GoQuo launches Gateway for Low Cost Carriers (LCC)

September 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
In a ground breaking move, GoQuo launches its low cost gateway which integrates the availability of the UK and Ireland’s Leading Low Cost Carriers (LCC).

After two months of research and development, GoQuo was able to find a way to obtain the content of Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Easyjet, Aer Arann and BMI (British Midland) which does not appear on the conventional GDS (Global Distribution System).

Extensive market research conducted by GoQuo revealed that 80% of GoQuo’s clients and potential customers would opt for an online solution which can also sell LCC flights. The problem faced by most of the interviewees is twofold. The first issue is that although some companies already provide an LCC booking system facility, the LCC booking system facility often comes as part of a bigger product package; the second issue is that the content of current providers are predetermined, which leaves little avenue for clients to customise its LCC content. With the first issue, working with current suppliers would mean that a potential client cannot just purchase the LCC booking facility on its own but must also purchase the product onto which the LCC booking system is attached. This would obviously mean that the current booking systems that are being used have to be phased out to accommodate the new facility. This would further mean that there is a substantial increase in cost.

With the second issue, clients cannot request for specific airlines that may fly the route of their intended market. In the study conducted by Dharshana Batagoda, Research and Technology Manager of GoQuo, it is apparent that having a pre-determined content can have both positive and negative attributes. Dharshana observes clearly: “Flexibility and specialisation are the key and operative words in this industry and having a pre-determined content can become a serious issue. It is well and good if all LCCs fly to the same routes. But with the changes in travel patterns, more and more companies would like to specialise in specific destinations which are served by smaller LCCs. If the more specialised LCCs are not within the current portfolio of LCCs of a current company, then it will be a difficult for a technology company to justify investing its resources for a niche airline that may seem ‘unmarketable’ to the general public but which is essential to the company which serves that particular market.”

“With GoQuo’s modular approach in its product portfolio,” Dharshana continues, “our clients can literally ‘bolt in’ their LCC of choice to their current flight booking engine. We don’t see it as advantageous if you have all of the LCCs in the market except the ones which you require. Also, because we are bolting only the airlines that our client needs, our clients do not have to share the financial burden of the integration of the LCCs which are irrelevant to them; hence making our solution highly affordable and cost-effective. Having a modular approach means that our clients are in full control of what they sell. Moreover, with this modular system, the chosen LCC could be bolted into our flights, hotels, car and dynamic packaging solutions – giving more options to the prospective passengers.”

Having completed the integration into the LCC Gateway of Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Easyjet, Aer Arann and BMI (British Midland), GoQuo moves into the second stage of its LCC integration by incorporating Wizair, Flybe, Jet2.com, Maersk, Air Southwest, HLX.com, Germanwings and Jetblue. Future integration will depend on the specific carrier requested by GoQuo’s clients.

About GoQuo:
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