Online Scouting Network Offers Scholarship Services For Athletes

September 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
A college education is one of the keys to success in today’s working environment, but with the ever-increasing cost of college tuition, high school students and their parents are faced with the problem of finding money to pay tuition cost. And, with athletic and academic scholarships declining in many fields, being recognized for scholarships is increasingly becoming a necessity.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association {NCAA} is the governing body of most college sports, and the first step towards an athletic scholarship is registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Athletes who want to compete at college level must file a form with the NCAA Clearinghouse. You must register and you must qualify, if you don't you will not be eligible to play or practice during your freshman year.

“The fact is that sports scholarships are still the most sought after and abundant means for high school students with limited financial resources to attend college.” Said Online Scouting Network President Thaddeus Collins. “But, with the tightening of college budgets, being scouted or recruited from smaller less recognized high schools is almost impossible, unless the student gains the exposure needed to be recognized.”

Its not as if coach’s don’t want the best talent for their programs, it is that they have to utilize their recruiting budgets in the most efficient ways. This means that less known schools generally get passed up for schools with more prospects to be recruited by college scouts.

However, if a scout is given stats on a particular athlete in one of those schools, they are more likely to visit or write that athlete. But, the question is, how do I get that information into the hands of college coach’s or scouts so that they will be interested in recruiting me?

There are many ways to market a students profile, but most do not offer a follow-up to the services they offer. The key to getting recognized, is to go with a program that not only displays your profile, but offers other services that gets your profile into the hands of the coach’s and scouts of the colleges you would like to attend.

Currently the best way to accomplish this, is online profiling. Online profiling is having your information posted on sites that are viewed by college coaches and scouts. The services provided by most companies that post scouting reports, ends with the posting of your profile.

Online Scouting Network’s website located at is more than just a posting service, they actively market your profile to colleges and scouts. This is accomplished by a service that is offered along with the posting service.

This is the Top Twenty Program, which ask the student to list the top 20 colleges they would like to attend, and then emails a copy of the profile to those colleges. This ensures that the students profile is viewed by the colleges the student selects, and informs the colleges that the student is available for recruitment.

“This is a way to more effectively market our clients skills to coach’s who are truly interested in the athlete.” Said company owner Thaddeus Collins “It gives the athlete a chance to put all of their information in front of scouts and coach’s they want to impress.”

Although Online Scouting Network is only one service that list players profiles, they offer their clients more for less which includes the Top Twenty Program. If you would like more information on how Online Scouting Network can help market your student recruiting efforts visit them at: