September 06, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
ISPR Investigations: Derek Acorah Raw – The Lost Hollywood Tapes is a new DVD featuring over 2 hours of completely uncensored and totally raw ISPR footage, spotlighting TV's most internationally-famed psychic medium, Derek Acorah. It’s vintage Derek Acorah before the 1999 ISPR Investigates documentary series and television series Most Haunted and Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns.

ISPR Investigations: Derek Acorah Raw – The Lost Hollywood Tapes DVD features Acorah in his first, 1999 Hollywood visit, when he put his clairvoyant and mediumship abilities to the test alongside other high-profile U.S. clairvoyants, under the direction of ISPR field parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz. All psychic and paranormal events that took place with Derek Acorah and the ISPR Team inside two of Hollywood’s favorite haunted hotspots, are shown in full.

Daena Smoller, an investigator with the ISPR team since 1995 states, “The ISPR thought that all of this raw footage was destroyed in our storage room at the Vogue Theater in Hollywood during massive flooding before 2001. We were all excited recently when we discovered the footage in an unmarked box at a storage facility. And the timing couldn’t be better since there is so much controversy surrounding the television series that Derek has starred in which has negatively impacted the ISPR. This footage is raw without any fancy editing and producer induced theatrics. It really shows visually the true Derek Acorah from 1999 that we all knew and gives support to why he was sought after to star in his first television series, Most Haunted”.

ISPR Investigations: Derek Acorah Raw – The Lost Hollywood Tapes DVD is not rated but the ISPR does suggest parental guidance as some language and material may not be suitable for younger viewers. DVD ordering information is available at

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