Sports Injury treatments at local sports injury clinics can be located by searching the internet

September 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Sports Injuries

Sports injuries, sports injury, sports injury clinic, sports injury clinics are all terms used when searching the internet for sporting injuries. Injuries occur to many sportsmen and women and can be divided into trauma or overuse injuries.

Sports injury clinics are everywhere but which one do you choose if you need professional help and advice. If you are anywhere near Tamworth, Staffordshire or Solihull, Birmingham, West Midlands you can visit one of the Atlas group of sports injury clinics based in Tamworth or Solihull. Visit or for what they have to offer.

Sports Physiotherapist and Osteopath John Williams and his team are experienced in diagnosing and treating sporting injuries and look after many runners who suffer running injuries. Running can be the cause of a variety of running injuries such as, achilles tendonitis, shinsplints, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, ligament sprains, muscle strains, knee pain, IT band inflammation, runners knee, bursitis, jumpers knee, pulled hamstrings, groin strain, back pain and sciatica.

Custom fitted orthotics for over pronated feet and runners with overpronation are fitted by experienced staff who offer biomechanical evaluations and correction to gait.

Knee and shoulder injuries are commonplace in sport and rotator cuff tears or inflammation of the tendon or bursa is a painful experience. Physiotherapy from a sports physiotherapist is the best option if you need to get back to playing sport quickly. Ensure you choose the right clinic for your treatment as the standards between clinics vary considerably. Try and obtain a referral from someone who has had a success story.

Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, osgoode schlatters disease, frozen shoulder, stiff neck and slipped discs are all treatable and many back pain and spinal complaints such as sciatica, whiplash, bulging discs, sacroiliac joint inflammation, sacroiliitis, lumbago, and twisted pelvis can be treated successfully at Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth.

If you are looking for a sports injury diagnosis and a fast recovery treatment plan with injury prevention advice then try Atlas at Solihull or Tamworth.