Management and Central Reservations for Private Holiday Homes

September 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
The rise of the Internet has almost been matched by the tenacious growth in privately owned holiday homes, villas, apartments, ski lodges and condominiums that are rented to people for holidays by the owners.
These owners have discovered the benefit of having a website dedicated to the promotion of their holiday home, as public place to display pictures, to talk about the local area, provide contact details and prices. In fact there now exists a strong business in shared websites for holiday homes that offer a single page (at a price) for each property that can contain a summary of these details. However, many owners are still put off by the cost and complexity of setting up a website/page and the fact that they will often be lost amongst thousands of other similar pages on the same site.

Shared sites are, by their very nature, not the main management/central reservations site for holiday accommodation and therefore are rarely able to accurately show availability or allow people to book accommodation online, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The desire for a simple, cost effective secure central reservations site for only the accommodation that the owner wants to rent out, when they want to rent, that describes the property, automatically sends out terms and conditions, takes a payment online and updates the owner every time someone makes a booking is matched by fear of the array of complex shared sites, with hidden or unknown costs and a need to become a “website” expert as well as a holiday home owner.

As a result, more and more owners of holiday homes are now signing up for their own ibooka ( online booking site. Owners have found that their own personalised ibooka website is created for them free of charge, ibooka configure it free and updating the site involves no technical knowledge at all. But in addition to providing a free website ibooka is an online booking system, that is hosted by ibooka, so the owners do not have to worry about backups, availability, security, etc.

From condominiums in Florida to cottages in the English Riviera, accommodation owners are benefiting from the unique ibooka “pennies per booking” pricing scheme that means the only costs are a 25p booking fee (per each accommodation day actually booked).

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