Are These Fidel Castro’s Last Days? American Author/Artist Who Has Made More Than 30 Trips to Cuba Has Unique Perspective of the Island Nation

September 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Ann Arbor, MI – An American photographer who has made more than 30 trips to Cuba during the past decade says Americans should be able to visit the island and trade with Cuba.

Michigan native Jack Kenny says U.S. policies toward Cuba are antiquated and need overhauled to reflect today’s reality and the needs of citizens of both countries.

“The trade embargo harms Cuban citizens and does nothing positive except to give Fidel Castro a scapegoat for a failed economy,” says Kenny. “Travel restrictions rob Americans of the opportunity of meeting the wonderful people who inhabit this charming country. And allowing Cubans who safely flee and ‘set foot’ in America to remain here is totally immoral as it makes the U.S. an accomplice to the death of the many, many who drown in disparate, risky attempts to escape.”

Kenny is author/publisher of Cuba (120 hard cover pages, $65, Corazon Press, Ann Arbor, MI, ISBN 0-9768349-0-1), a unique photographic collection Cuba and its people. In the book, Kenny takes readers on a photographic journey through modern day Cuba.

“The 106 images in the book represent a personal look at life in Cuba today,” says Kenny. “It is my hope to share the Cuba I have come to know and the people I’ve met along the way – a generous, innovative and welcoming people. I have been fortunate to be able to visit the only country in the world that is off limits to most Americans”

Kenny, who has been photographing Cuba for more than nine years during more than 30 trips, is owner of QuickSilver Photo, a photo lab, studio and gallery in Plymouth, MI. Kenny buys and sells art and photography from Cuba, has a traveling photo exhibit of Cuba, Cuba: Revolution Then & Now, and is publisher of — an image bank with over 4000 pictures on all aspects of Cuban life.

While in Cuba, Kenny met famed Cuban photographer Robert Salas who photographically chronicled the Revolution. Salas, who has published two books on Castro and exhibited his work throughout the world, wrote the forward to Kenny’s book.

The book is available through Corazón at


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Jack Kenny- Photographer, Author, Publisher

A native of Michigan, Jack Kenny was born in Detroit, attended University of Michigan, and has spent the past 30 years in Ann Arbor, MI, when not traveling to Cuba.

Kenny is owner of QuickSilver Photo, a photo lab, studio and gallery in Plymouth, MI. Kenny operated the photo lab and was a news photojournalist for years before first visiting Cuba in 1996. He founded Corazon Press of Ann Arbor in 2005

Kenny is author/publisher of Cuba, a coffee table book (120 pages, 11.5”x11.5”, with 106 duo-tone images) that takes readers on a photographic journey through modern day Cuba. Kenny has made more than 30 trips back to Cuba since his first visit nine years ago.

Kenny buys and sells art and photography from Cuba and is the publisher of the web site,, which is an image bank of more than 4000 color photos of all aspects of Cuban life.

Kenny has a traveling exhibit, Cuba: Revolution Then& Now, with 35 16x20 sepia-toned photos of his own work, 20 archival images of the Cuban Revolution, and 15 new prints of the revolution. The book grew out of the exhibit.

Kenny has been active in civic life through the Kiwanis Club and is a longtime supporter of education.

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