Search Engine Launches Encyclopedia

September 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
SpivO is launching channel after channel filled with content that will assist them in building the next generation of SpivO Search. Spivo has launched a variety of channels recently and the SpivO Encyclopedia is the newest.

The SpivO Encyclopedia pulls content from the Wikipedia ( which is based on user input and modifications. SpivO has suggested in their SpivO Workshop that they were entertaining offers from other encyclopedia content providers but decided in the end that the Wikipedia would work best.

Vice President, Jason Bland of Adviatech Corp. (, the managing company of SpivO ( said today, “Getting content from a different source would have provided something unique for our users but we kept coming back to our new focus which is getting our users more involved. The other providers were all very good but we would have had to import that data into a “wiki” type application which would then turn the SpivO Encyclopedia into a clone or competitor of the Wikipedia. It just makes sense to help build the Wikipedia and make that data more accessible using SpivO.”

Soon after deciding to use the Wikipedia for the SpivO Encyclopedia, the problem arose in getting the content of the encyclopedia into SpivO’s system. Thanks to some modifications to code originally developed by, the task was well simplified.

The next great advancement for the encyclopedia will be the integration of the content into the SpivO search engine. SpivO wants to do more than just index it but rather make it apart of the results in a more enriched way. SpivO is not releasing which channel will be launched next aside from the already publicly noted September 15th launch of SpivO MoneySense, the new financial channel. However, they will be posting “SpivO Relevance” on the SpivO Workshop page this week but are releasing no additional details of the project except that it is “a search engine first”.