Concerned Drivers Fight Back with ‘Mileage Master’s’ Fuel-Saving Secrets

September 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
TUCSON, AZ, September, 2006 – Fed up with high gas prices? Frustrated by our nation's continued dependence on imported oil? Bob Sikorsky can help. In the second edition of his bestselling book, American Drivers Fight Back: How We Can Get More Miles Per Gallon and Reduce Our Dependence on Imported Oil, this former New York Times syndicated columnist reveals his secrets of high-mileage driving, detailing hundreds of ways consumers can:

• Dramatically increase everyday fuel economy
• Double or triple your mileage in an emergency
• Make the most of city and highway driving
• Beat the high prices at the pump
• Reduce pollution and fight global warming
• Fight terrorism by cutting our dependence on foreign oil

Sikorsky believes that American drivers don't have to wait years for Detroit or Tokyo to solve our energy problems—they can turn their current vehicles into high-mileage machines right now.

James Bishop Jr., Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy is also a believer, having noted, "American Drivers Fight Back is the sort of book we hope will become widespread in America because it shows there are things people can do. If we can get it into the hands of the average driver, we can start cutting down on fuel consumption right away."

“We have a choice each and every time we drive,” says Sikorsky. “We can be aggressive, fuel and money-wasting, unsafe, polluting, climate-changing, terrorist-helping drivers, or we can choose to drive economically. Doing so allows consumers to reap a litany of personal, national and global benefits, including increased safety, increased fuel economy, longer vehicle life, reduced emissions, a minimized environmental vehicle footprint, and the satisfaction that we have done our part to help fight terrorism.”

About the Author
For twenty years, Bob Sikorsky reached millions of readers each week with his syndicated New York Times columns “Drive It Forever” and “Ridin' in Style.” As the best-selling author of several automotive books, Sikorsky draws on decades of experience testing cars, repairing cars and serving as an automotive consultant to government and private industry.

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