The FTA has neglected the major threat that makes air traveling a serious danger in America

September 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
A family doctor blows the whistle on the number one threat that has been overlooked in airline security recently. In fact, this danger comes from within and is posing a serious and real danger to the American nation and world population right now.

Dr Nathalie Fiset, a family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist warns the FTA about the real menace for air travelers from all over the world. Hence, the most immediate danger for any person traveling on any airplane in the present situation is passing through all security measures in all airports in the US and worldwide warns Dr Fiset.

It is a proven fact that most airborne catastrophes were caused by human factors. One has to realize that, given the present situation every flights departing and arriving into the United States today will carry on its board a traveler that is suffering from extreme tension and fear that renders him capable of breaking-down anytime during the flight thus posing a real threat to all voyagers on board.

In an article published on September 7th, the USA today reports that travelers are calling the air traveling situation “a permanent stage of siege”. The newspaper goes on to say that: ”the London arrests put nerves on edge.”

Dr Fiset offers a solution to help lower the fear and tension among travelers. Instead of either suffering in silence or experiencing an internal growing tension, she suggests that any person who needs to travel by plane can prepare themselves appropriately. After all, when a person suffers a major panic attack at 36 000 feet in the air, it is impossible to pull over and calm the spirits down!

Her first recommendation, which might not get general approval, is to shut off most television monitors in airports that repeatedly release negative messages about alleged threats, terrorism and possible attacks to travelers. She does not prone to keep the public in ignorance and if a news is worthy of being transmitted, it could be done in an announcement to all passengers.

She is just suggesting that anyone boarding a plane should do so with a pleasant and positive mind set in order to be able to enjoy their trip and make it enjoyable to all fellow passengers.

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