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September 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Valencia, Spain — The You Travel Network, an online business with a commission-based business model, is devoted to helping people all over the world by planning their vacation, and announced today that "" has been founded. is a totally ethical business model with no other examples like it. It is totally funded by You Travel Network for expenses, costs and personnel, but it will give away all revenue to charities and other humanitarian initiatives.

Doing business today does not only mean having success or investing money. Doing business also means knowing that the world we live in is facing a lot of problems, especially in third world countries.
The easiest way for us to help the real lot of people in need is by doing what we do best with our hotel reservation services, and devoting money to charities.

It is always difficult for companies to decide which part of the revenue, or how much money to devote to charities. So the easiest way for the You Travel Network to make this important commitment is to dedicate a complete and independent division of itself to pay all expenses and costs.

We invite all travelers to Spain to decide whether they want to spend the same money for their travel and devolve all commissions to helping other people. It is very simple and transparent. All booking commission made by will be devoted with no restrictions. The traveler will not need to pay extra since they only pay standard hotel prices.

About covers almost every relevant destination and city in Spain, and conducts business in three languages: English, German and Italian.
The You Travel Network decided to devote 100% of the revenue of the Spain business model to selected charities and humanitarian initiatives. will be totally funded by You Travel Network resources.

About You Travel Network
The You Travel Network is an online provider of hotel reservations worldwide, in Italy and Spain. It helps informed travellers plan and book their vacations in accurately described destinations of their choice.

The You Travel Network specializes in Lake Garda,, all of Italy and recently in Spain.

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