Canoe Lessons on the Grand River… Learn Properly… Enjoy Forever.

September 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
People want common sense paddling courses that allow them to enjoy the river with competent skills. Canoe certification courses are good, but sometimes the technicality is more then what the average person wants. On-river-instruction with certified canoe instructors teaches safe ways to enter/exit canoes, how to steer a canoe without switching sides, handy canoe stroke techniques and canoe rescues. There is also a review of basic equipment needed, what to look for in canoe purchase and what to pack as a simple safety precaution. These four hour course are filled with practical hands-on experience as a canoe trip is done on the river.

Many people that paddle lakes think they are prepared to canoe a river. Lakes do not have speed and they do not have the force of water moving around and over obstacles at sudden depth changes. This unfamiliarity is a potential danger to any lake canoeist. River novices would be wise to take a canoe lesson with an instructor.

Proper canoe lessons on a river teach how to read water, a technique not required on lakes. A canoeist that knows what they are looking at makes the best decisions of where to go. Just understanding what a “v” spearhead looks like helps avoid rocks and knowing that “v” cones in the same direction is the deepest channel. Recognizing the simple “v” patterns on water makes paddling a river enjoyable. There is nothing worse then struggling with the same mistakes and not knowing why.

In Paris, Ontario, there is an excellent “floating classroom” canoeing experience on the Grand River. The river averages one meter in depth and is wide for maneuvering and forgiving. The Grand River Rafting Company in Paris, Ontario offers these on-river-instructional canoe courses. They specialize in giving the beginner the skill to read water. They understand that making the right decisions results in staying off rocks, keeping dry and traveling with ease. It is relaxing to learn with a skilled instructor traveling along side. As a result… technique mistakes are quickly caught; water reading decisions are corrected and added coaching builds confidence.

The transformation from being unsure and scared at the start of an instructional canoe trip… to the pride of accomplishment upon completion is what a good canoe lesson is all about.