Simplified Background Report Management with Verified Credentials’ Report Scoring

September 17, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Lakeville, Minn. — (September 2006) — Managing background screening programs can consume numerous hours for schools; however, Report Scoring by the consumer reporting agency Verified Credentials can eliminate much of the time that would be used for managing, sorting and evaluating students consumer reports.

Many colleges, universities and associations have background screening requirements for students entering medical fields. Verified Credentials strives to provide options that make the reportsí details as efficient as possible for those organizations to utilize. Report Scoring with Student Direct background screening maintains consistency, protects confidentiality and saves time for any school employing this organizational tool.

Typically, a pile of completed background reports would take time to sift through and organize in order to properly evaluate the data. Student Direct by Verified Credentials enables one to keep the process consistent. Report Scoring allows the school to customize the criteria used to sort the reports, such as Green indicating a Qualifier, Yellow for an Alert and Red for a Disqualifier. This consistency is necessary, in particular for large, multiple location networks.

Report Scoring also protects the confidentiality of the applicantsí background information. Each school or organization has a Student Direct account that receives the full summary reports, sending categorized reports to select personnel so that the sensitive information is available to only the pertinent persons. When using Report Scoring, the summary report only includes the color-coded score, not the discrepant information uncovered about the applicant, once again defending the consumerís confidentiality.

Report Scoring by Verified Credentials saves schools and organizations management time as well as ensures consumer report confidentiality and consistency for the selection process. For more information about Student Direct products and services, please visit us on the Web at

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