Freelancers, home based businesses and small business owners use to find customers.

September 19, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Because there is no commission involved in its services, freelancers are signing up throughout the US, India, China, Australia, and UK. Its buffet style services offer advertisers places to place service ads and customers to place help wanted ads. “What we mean by ‘buffet’ style is that we’re a self served online service market,” according to Shilin Yin, the founder of, “the freelancers and the customers connect with each other online without middlemen or customer services. We’re even better than a dinner buffet because we’re free. Freelancers and customers get all they want without worrying about paying out commissions.”

To help building the online freelance and small business community, benefito is offering discussion forums where it members and non-members share freelancing and business ideas, experiences, questions, and tips. It’s newly launched blog is also available for members to share individual thoughts. The Discussion Forums are open for all users with a simple registration in order to post new threads. Its blog is available for members only if one wishes to post webblogs. Of course, since its membership is free, all one needs to do is to become a member.