Global Academy Online Offers 'New University in a Box' Programs

September 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Global Academy Online (The Academy), a partner to colleges and universities in providing online private-label curriculum and instruction, announced the release of two New University in a Box programs.

One of the New University programs, the training university model, is a low cost, video driven, entry for individuals and organizations desiring to startup an in-house online university dedicated to non-academic skill-set training. The other, more sophisticated and advanced New University program, is a complete college or university build-out model that leads to an organization's proprietary and turnkey online accredited college or university.

According to Academy spokeswoman, Vice President of Communications, LaFonda Oliver, “Any organization or startup group seeking to create a training university or a complete online accredited college or university now may have a port of entry in America to do so.” Oliver notes that several foreign organizations both in Asia and Europe offer offshore facilities designed to promote development of offshore universities. She added, “The Academy is the first international organization, that we know of, that provides the where-with-all for academic entrepreneurs to accomplish the same outcome in America, on American soil, and with American licensing and accreditation.”

Fred DiUlus, CEO & Founder of Global Academy Online, Inc., and a recognized eLearning authority by academics and institutions of higher learning, states “Our system develops a legitimate and recognized online institution of higher learning.” He adds, “Individuals and organizations desiring to undertake the Academy's more specialized advanced academic professional processes, rather than develop just a training university, must be prepared to spend up to three years to accomplish the goal.”

In the USA, the Academy's advanced New University in a Box process is neither simple nor quick. DiUlus points out that the Academy's advanced program is designed to assist new groups as well as fledgling online universities, struggling to acquire credibility, accreditation, and students. “Our advanced model program” DiUlus says, “will help make it so. Many of these schools are in a quandary over how to effectively compete, develop, and sustain advanced education programs when they are greatly limited by financial resource funding and the lack of Harvard-like endowments."

The New University in a Box online education and training programs have grown out of the Academy's stand-alone eLearning partnership solutions with non-traditional schools and traditional colleges and universities. These partnerships include the Academy's supplying turnkey, private-label, online curriculum and instruction through its own, in-house learner and course management delivery systems to public and private institutions.

In addition to Global Academy Online's New University in a Box dual programs, the Academy offers academic institutions a choice from among thirty-three private-label training and academic disciplines that include over 1400 online courses. All Academy online programs are available for adoption by eLearning organizations in 155 countries and principalities, including the USA.