Divorcing Over Prescription Drug Abuse

September 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Raleigh, NC- Rosen Law Firm, the largest divorce firm in North Carolina, has noticed a disturbing trend in its clientele: There are an increasing number of couples splitting up over the abuse of prescription drugs.

“These are regular families with good jobs,” says Tammy Johnson, an attorney with Rosen Law Firm currently working on a case where the client’s wife is addicted to Soma, a drug her doctor prescribed for muscle relaxation.
Johnson has also worked with several other clients facing the same difficulties involving prescription drug use.

Divorce experts say by the time the non-abusing spouse realizes it’s a problem, a lot of assets have already been depleted. “Typically, couples get in to the cycle of going to rehabilitation centers, but the relationship eventually deteriorates,” says Johnson. Some of the local rehabilitation centers treating this type of addiction are The Healing Place of Wake County and SouthLight, a United Way funded organization.

“You’re not sure if it’s really a drug addiction since many times the drug was originally prescribed to treat an injury,” says Johnson. “It’s not the same as a cocaine addiction or alcoholism, this type of addiction is much more difficult for family members to grasp.”

Currently, there is no way to track the abuse because the abuser usually goes from pharmacy to pharmacy and doctor to doctor. Some of the most commonly reported drugs being abused are Vicodin, Hydrocodone, and Soma.

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