Car Repair Prices: 98% of All Repair Shops Are Charging the Service Customer Significantly More than Industry Standards

September 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Boston, MA - September 20, 2006 - RepairTrust announces its eBook series release after a two-decade, undercover investigation reveals that 98% of all repair shops are abusing service industry pricing guidelines, significantly overcharging the service customer for car repair prices.

The eBooks are entitled:

1. ARREST the Automotive Service

2. Auto Repair: The Shocking Truth
About Who’s Ripping You Off and Why!

3. Maintenance Myths: A Step-by-Step
Guide to STOP Getting Ripped Off!

The $29 trilogy includes a “consumer-friendly” common auto repairs price guide, custom Excel-based vehicle maintenance software, a six questions information gathering guide, a 10-Minute auto estimate repair solution, a three-step estimate creation guide, and the insider and background information of the secret tricks and pricing formulas of the automotive service industry.

"There is no safe place in which to repair an automobile in today's service environment; Ted's eBooks CRUSH the nail on the head." -Tom Griffin, Automotive Industry Consultant: Automotive Buyers Advantage.

The trilogy is available at


About RepairTrust
RepairTrust is a network of automotive service professionals that work to protect the automotive service customer from price-gouging. Over the past two decades, RepairTrust has gathered an overwhelming amount of evidence for industry-wide pricing abuses, and developed a solution to stop getting ripped off.

About the Founder
Theodore P. Olson (Ted) holds extensive certifications from Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, General Motors, ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and more.

Over a twenty-year period in the automotive service industry, he has served as a technician, shop foreman, shop manager, shop owner, service advisor, service manager, and service industry consultant. Ted saw the dire need for accurate service prices, honest answers, and professional service.

As the founder of RepairTrust, he has focused his resources to empowering the service customer to take control of car repair prices. Ted is the author of eight books on the automotive service industry.

Additional Books by Ted Olson Include:
Automotive Service Pricing Strategies—a fair pricing guide for service centers
Being the Best—a comprehensive customer service handbook for service advisors
Service Center Personnel—an auto repair informational guide for support service staff
Technical Writing Guide—a complete guide for technical writing for technicians
Service Mission Statement—a philosophical proposal to improve customer service