Fantasy cricket to help you indulge in your fantasy!

September 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
It is very difficult to find a cricket fan who does not have an opinion or the other about the combination of the playing IX of their favorite team. Cricket fans always feel that they know better about the team combination then anyone else. Fantasy cricket is an opportunity for cricket fans to choose their dream team. is a cricket website that gives all the news, views and opinions about all the happenings on and off the cricket field to cricket fans. The site also gives cricket fans the opportunity to play fantasy cricket and select their dream team.

“This is awesome! I have always wanted to see how a team that I have selected fares on the field and stickiewicket has provided me with this chance and got me hooked to it completely. Thank you stickiewicket” says Shaun, a doctor and a cricket fan. This site makes an earnest effort to give cricket fans all the information that they want about each and every aspect of the game. Playing fantasy cricket is very simple. Whenever an international series is in progress, cricket fans can choose the members of their dream team from amongst the existing players playing in that tournament and play fantasy cricket.

To keep track of a live cricket match is a difficult business for a busy professional. But he needs to know the latest score and the status of a live match at all times. There is a very simple solution for all this. Stickiewicket provides cricket fans with a live scorecard to keep track of an ongoing match. Log on to to catch the latest status of an ongoing live match. If visitors are interested in knowing in detail about the match they can download the detailed scorecard in a jiffy and be aware about all that is happening in the field.