October is National Fall Car Care Awareness Month and Jax Wax is Ready With Helpful Hints and Quick Tips!

September 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
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October is National Fall Car Care Awareness Month and Jax Wax, distributed by Signorello Distribution, LLC, is ready with helpful hints and quick tips! Building on the success of National Car Care Month in April, and in response to the industry's interest in a seasonal option, the Car Care Council has designated October as Fall Car Care Month to focus motorists' attention on the importance of preparing their vehicles for the upcoming winter months. The council also states that washing and waxing your vehicle is one of the most important things you can do to help preserve and enhance your cars paint and finish. Too often this process is overlooked during regular automotive maintenance and that can have a direct effect on not only your cars appearance and resale value but your cars overall performance. To learn more about the Car Care Council you can visit them at www.carcare.org and here are some of practical tips and tricks our experts and all-around car guys have put together for you to use.

First, you should prepare for your cleaning and waxing efforts by planning ahead so you can get an accurate idea of the areas of your vehicle that should be focused on. First, evaluate the condition of your vehicle: tires, wheels, paint, trim and interior. After that you can decide on what tools and materials you might need. Next, you will need to pick a good location to work on your vehicle. We recommend somewhere open and without a great deal of clutter. After assessing your vehicle's needs you may feel a bit overwhelmed if there's a lot of work to do. To make things easier break down the job into smaller tasks to be done in a set order. Remember it is better to work from the top down and you should also do any scratch repair or spot removal before polishing and waxing. Also, spray your wheels and tires first to let a wheel cleaner, like Jax Wax’s Super Citrus, soak in and take away brake dust and road grime. It can then be washed off to a brilliant shine when you rinse your vehicle.

Now you are ready to wash and wax your vehicle. First, we recommend an automotive specific car wash soap like Jax Wax’s Super Suds. It is specially formulated with your cars finish in mind and will not strip and harm your paints finish like dish soap can. It will also work with the wax and polish to create a brilliant shine and feel soft and smooth to the touch. Second, we recommend drying you car with a microfiber towel. Microfiber is so soft and gentle that it will not leave any fine scratches in your paint, like a bath or terrycloth towel will, and it is twice as absorbent. Next, you are ready to wax your car. Jax Wax Liquid Carnauba Wax is so easy to use that an entire car can be waxed in just minutes. A fine coat – wiped on, then wiped off – is all it takes to create a showroom finish even in direct sunlight without any dust or residue left over. Pay special attention to door jams, under hood and under the trunk. Water stays in the areas much longer and that can lead to paint deterioration and oxidation. Lastly, you should protect your tires and plastic with a dressing like Jax Wax’s Super Blue. It is the best Professional Grade Solvent-Based dressing available - designed to shine and protect tires, rubber vinyl and plastic. Super Blue is a High Gloss dressing with a pleasant scent, and helps to prevent cracking, and other harmful UV effects.

Your cars interior is probably as dirty as the exterior. Trapped within the carpet are pebbles and debris tracked in each time you enter the car and dirt on your clothes and skin sticks to the upholstery and grooves in the leather. Our upholstery and carpet cleaner, as well as, leather cleaner and conditioner will clean and preserve your vehicles interior with minimal effort – Just spray on and wipe off to clean and protect. Often, the dashboard and consoles show splatters from food and drinks, heavy layers of dust and symptoms of UV exposure. To clean and protect you dashboard and consoles we recommend our Super Blue dressing which helps to prevent cracking in plastic and prevents harmful UV effects and sun damage. As with all Jax Wax Products all you have to do is spray on the Super Blue and then wipe it off. It is that easy!

The time spent cleaning your vehicle is an investment in its health and beauty, you used to have to trade elbow grease and hours of time to achieve a gorgeous shine but by using the Jax Wax family of products you can clean and restore that showroom shine and finish to your car in a fraction of the time with minimal effort and for a lot less money.
Signorello Distribution, LLC is a family owned and operated company and the family has been building, maintaining and detailing award-winning show, racing and custom cars in Southeast Michigan for over 35 years. Their vehicles have appeared in magazines, newspapers, television and in museums. For further advice and tips to help anyone quickly and easily detail a car like the professionals, to acquire any further information, or to request a description of the entire Jax Wax product line please feel free to contact Todd Burek, Vice President of Signorello Distribution, LLC, at 586.604.2078 or by email at Todd@signorellodist.com . Also, visit us on the web at www.signorellodist.com for a full description of our product line. We also offer by appointment the opportunity to come to our heated indoor location for a free demonstration of our entire product line.