eBay Developer List’d Express Announces Calculated Shipping and More Updates for Users

September 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
September 2006 (Orlando, FL) – eBay sellers can now use List’d Express (www.listd.com) to create listings with calculated shipping and more options for the amount of days a listing will run.

List’d Express, is a new, free, one-page listing tool that simplifies the process of selling on eBay. The new features were added after a number of users expressed a need for calculated shipping and more days to list items on eBay for.

Screenshots of the new features can be seen on the List’d blog (www.getlistd.com).

Calculated Shipping allows sellers to outline the basic properties of a package, this plugs in directly to the eBay listing and makes it a very simple process for the buyer to figure out how much shipping will cost. This type of feature is good for the buyer, which is in turn, good for the seller.

At first, List’d Express only allowed users to list an item on eBay for 7 days. Enough of the users came forward asking for an option allowing them to do 3, 5, 7, and 10 day listings, that the team decided to build the feature into the listing tool.

List’d Express has features added and removed through direct communications between the development team and the users. Each email is replied to by a member of the team, and every member reads every email that comes through. The handling of user feedback in this way has allowed List’d Express to improve its offering each week.

About Saris Technologies:
The company behind List’d Express is Orlando-based Saris Technologies, a five-year veteran eBay development company, which has garnered two past developer awards from eBay.