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September 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Buying new car can be tedious job considering the number of cars available in the markets. As car buying is an important decision a person usually like to take his time exploring the options available. In the past a person had to visit every car shop or showroom and was harassed by the car salesman into making a decision. The choice was limited as the person could only compare the models available in his area. This scene has changed drastically now with the advent and popularization of the internet medium.

Now the customer can explore ‘n’ number of websites from his laptop. Best part of buying new car is the new car buying service that an online automobile directory provides. This directory has information about car makes and models from about 32 car manufacturers. The site has all the data including the prices, unique features & discounts available etc. all required for making a decision about Buying new car is the site that offers this unique feature. It is an automobile directory, a guide and a car prices comparison site. Anybody can visit the site and explore the site to know about the different car makes and models offered by a manufacturer. With the help of the guide the visitor can get instant price quote for the make and the model he selects from the drop down menu. Thus, simplifying the entire process of price comparison and providing clear and uncluttered information to the user.

Though finding the right pricing option is one of the major concerns of the car buyer, color, make and model also affect the buyer’s decision as this decision is also a matter of individual choice and preferences. The high resolution pictures of the car models displayed at the site help in getting a realistic idea about the appearance of the car. At the user gets what all he requires at the click of button which saves his time considerably. This leads to speeding up of the whole decision making process. offers latest models of popular luxury cars, and SUVs from the international brands such as Audi, Suzuki, Jaguar, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai etc. besides the information about new Car Prices and Reviews the visitor can also find useful information about auto buying tips and links to other related resources.

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